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Legendary Tasks Question

Thanks for the heads up. Looks predictably poor… random amounts :dizzy_face: :sleeping: :expressionless:

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You’re losing a shitload, but you also have a giant horde saved up. It would be like “Okay, we are finally fixing the tax system so the rich pay their fair share, but you’ve already stored up billions in an offshore account so you will still have a distinct advantage over all the other players”

As for a new system, I could come up with some ideas. I agree that the top guilds should still be able to progress. I’m just worried that if the PC/Mobile system were to transfer, it’s already only the top guild that’s going to get any of the bonuses for completing tasks, and now they get even more with these legendary tasks.

I just spent 1 million on a Legendary task. Rewards - 10 glory keys, 6 gem keys, 2 event keys. Thanks but no thanks for me.


You actually rolled an rng that was low, that is like holy mackerel low.

Exactly. Random amounts. The game is drowning in infuriating rng already.


Mate what’s your resources like after the catchup so far??

Mate my resources have been depleted already to the point that I will never ever see that amount again.

0 keys left after going for War. Lost 10k gems that day too. Im currently walking the streets looking dishevelled and holding a ‘will dance for glory keys’ sign

You could say Robert was doing fine until his dreams went up in smoke.

Got the troop I wanted in the end though!

Not that bad actually. Amazing guild, mind blowing, already back with a nice stash. Never going balls deep for a mythic again though… unless it’s a silverback

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Good stuff regarding your stash, man. I’m actually wondering what the next mythic is for the PC crowd…

We had one that was 6 Arcane Deep, and 2? event keys.

I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad with 6 Arcane Traitstones.

Remember when you asked Santa for the latest must have toy…? And got a board game instead. That springs to mind.

Santa is still real, though! Honestly.

Well, the rest of your guild also got it. Let’s do some maths to compare that to pre-2.1 rewards:
10 Glory keys - a bit less than 1 Key task back then
6 Gem keys and 2 Event keys = 90 Gems. 81 if you’d buy the keys in bulk. So a bit more than 8 Gem tasks
All in all it’s worth about 9 Key/Gem tasks, so something like 340k Gold back then. About 3 times as expensive as it was. I don’t think anyone was expecting the devs to more-or-less go back to the old values of (unlimited) tasks, so it’s not that bad really. Especially as a worst case scenario, as I guess it was. And definitely better than buying Gold keys, at least in my opinion.

Well, you could have gotten a bunch of minor blue Traitstones instead, so I’d go with happy. :tada:

6 arcanes sounds good.