Crazy week in RISIN'PHREEKz (PS4) - Over 600 Legendary Tasks

Massive saved gold dump last week to hit our sweetest milestone so far: 610 legendary tasks in a row.

  • 3816 glory keys
  • 1781 gem keys
  • 691 event keys
  • 67.200 glory
  • 260 runic stones
  • 509 arcane stones
  • 66 legendary troops
  • 5 mythic troops

Thanks to all my guild mates for their help. :heart_eyes:


5 mythics is really high from just 600 tasks


LMAO, amazing :clap:

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170 000 000 Gold :scream::scream::scream:

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Big thanks to everyone in RIZIN’PHREEKS it’s been an amazing week! Back on top of GW and 600+ LT! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Huge LT buff coming with next patch…:grin:


WOW awesome accomplishment!! Congrats

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@Furax-31, you forgot one zero…

Congrats to your guild, that’s really nice. :smiley:

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Nice job :star2:

Fantastic job.

I’m curious about the stats leading up this though. Like how many months ago was this planned? And how many legendary tasks each week up until this week?
5 Mythic troops is 120:1 ratio. We don’t get a Mythic troop every 2 weeks despite doing 120 LT.
So I’m actually considering whether or not this is a viable strategy. If you prefer to DM me thats fine. Thank you in advance.

I doubt the odds of a mythic drop improve if you donate more gold in one week.

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For my guild. The drop rate for Mythic LT seems to be 480:1.
That’s 60 LT a week for 2 months.
So we have here 600:5 and 480:1

Their drop rate was high for sure, seems they got lucky.

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Yes… And I also want to get lucky. Lol


First off, that’s amazing! Makes me want to pool gold in for that many legendary tasks. I’m curious to know what mythics you got? And also I assume you all had to be online and do it 1 by 1 due to mailbox limit.

At the beginning this was something I wanted to do myself alone. First the idea was 100 million and then it became 200. I wanted to hit 300 global first to dump 200 and get 200/500 in a cool screenshot. But I talked about it to my mates in our leadership group, they spread the voice and the rest is history. I dumped less than I wanted because it happened sooner but the whole guild push made it more special than I ever imagined.

I don’t know how many months have been. Maybe half a year. Not sure. In my best days I have been winning 2 million gold (even 3), with Vip 7 and ring of wonder.

We usually donate 1 million per week, so not many weekly legendary tasks actually. But the gold is always dumped sooner or later.

About mails, we followed a schedule to donate around 90 million per day to avoid mailbox flood. Each one knew when to do his part and it worked like a clock.

I can’t remember the mythics. I forgot to save the pics. But I think Famine and Doomclaw were among them. And yes, it is just luck. The first three dropped the first day so…


Over in xbox land, last week we got 2 mythics from legendary tasks. Maybe luck? Or maybe odds have changed?

Yes, they are giving out 10 times as many mythics as before :laughing:

Nicely done we had 3 mythics last week 50 tasks lol we got very lucky