1015 legendary tasks*

*over the course of 15 weeks (less than 4 months)

Recently there was a guild that did 700 legendary tasks in a week. And I was admittedly jealous of that stat. Until I started to really think about our 60+ legendary tasks a week average. And how in the amount of time it took to save up gold for that week. We most likely have done more LT overall. Or at the very least… On our platforms (PC/mobile).
Here is a break down of our legendary tasks total each week for the past 15 weeks counting this week. Numbers prior to this are unavailable.

Congratulations AWR members, you’re the real MVP! :grinning:

Oh btw…I assure you all that nothing I say or post has any influence over what Sirrian does. He does not rely on the forums to check data on what guilds are producing gold wise.


Good for you man, that was on console… you play the game with your phone.


These bragging threads will be what breaks the game for the rest of us.

Thanks. :+1:

Congrats on the achievement!

But you know, the timing of this post couldn’t be worse for multiple reasons, one of which being viewing this achievement in the lens of the kingdom that released today…

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Good point. I meant to and now updated a disclosure on how meaningless this post is.

As Awryan said in the updated OP, it’s kind of ludicrous to think this way. I believe very few people considered the recent changes deeply. My personnal view is that right now everyone is “pressured” to get more engaged in earning gold/trophies by doing more PVP and Arena.

We can’t acquire Ingots outside PVP or Arena. And in explore the Hero Talent XP is halved, or you can consider that PVP/Arena is doubled but anyway, there is very little reason to play Explore except for the very specific end of traiting a troop to be used in a team.

Sure, it’s faster to do explore in general so you could get Talent XP faster, but the loss in speed is completely irrelevant when you are pilling up Glory, Gold and Ingots over and over. Top endgame dedicated players already farmed a lot of gold and glory before, but now everyone who has some decent teams can and should focus more on the highest payrolls on PVP.

So, if we assume the devs already knew this would happen the upcoming changes are probably inevitable, it doesn’t matter how well Awryan and his guildies are doing¹, the devs are aware that at least a few thousands of players will also get much more gold than they did before.

If we assume they didn’t thought about it in the first place… well i won’t comment about it… but it’s not Awryan’s guildies fault in the first place IF the devs didn’t planned/sorted some pretty obvious things.

¹ By the way, congrats to you and all your coordinated efforts with your guild Awryan.

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So proud of our guild. One of the aspects of the game I like most is grinding out gold to help my guild complete tasks, I hope it never changes, as it would be sad to see any further nerfing of Lt’s.


Agreed. We complete lots and lots of LTs every week and have yet to get really anything good from them in the time I’ve been in my guild.


Sirrian himself said that there would not be any LT nerfs in 4.0 or the near future. I can say that on beta, LTs are not nerfed in any way. That said, if the devs are openly discussing the problem of gold inflation on a public-facing stream, then I’d agree with @Razzagor the devs have already likely decided on some kind of long-term plan for the issue and something will be coming down the road at some point.

The timing was chosen because we just got to 1015 today. After the post we did 2 more legendary tasks… So it’s technically now 1017 in 15 weeks… Not quiet the same flair as 1015 in 15 weeks.

I think I was trying to do too much in my post, that my message came across a bit flat.

Outside of making a poor attempt at a Sin of Maraj joke, I was trying to sneak in a side comment that there is something else that yet to be revealed that will make the timing of this thread unique in hindsight (as that’s always 20/20).

I’ve been sitting on my hands tonight trying not to spill the beans ahead of time.

So in other words. This another one of your posts where you say “I know something you don’t know” “But I’m not going to tell you either”.

Thanks… always appreciated.