Legendary task fixes

So being in a rewards based guild who does 35 legendary tasks a week… We are not bracket 1 or even close so it is nearly impossible to get the resources needed for raids etc. with all the nerfs I myself and many people I talked to feel legendary tasks should be buffed… passed 3 weeks over 100 Legendary tasks done and hardly anythin to show for it… been over quite a few months since we have pulled a mythic… There deffinately should be better rewards than what the last nerf did to us.

All in all I feel punished for trophy hunting and gold hunting for legendary tasks to be rewarded with such small items… Alot of us enjoy the old game so we continue to trophy hunt and pvp a ton… We don’t worry aboit GW and we just feel punished in the lack of rewards we get from the nerfed legendary tasks.

Drop your feedback below

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I’ve already suggested I think they should add Gems to LT’s again in another thread because honestly the Raid thingy, is a total gem grabber…


they need to buff the overall rewards not just adding gems back…

Think its been clear in the past that the LTs wont change. It is what it is, just a minor bonus towards those who wanna spend some extra gold.

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key words “in the past”… look at how expensive everything is now? I think its time they take a look at LTs again.

It is still exactly what the Devs wanted it to be, tho. But lets see. :slight_smile:


They have added new modes and a future side event that will be bigger gem sinks. It’s pretty obvious they want more people to buy gems. There is no way that they added all these sinks just to turn around and add them back to LTs since LTs are uncapped.


Good point. With the currently gem nerfs that we had in the latest patches, its fair to say that LTs will remain the same, at least they will never ever get any gems added to them.

Even at 5 gems in Lt, with no guarantee of gems drop in each Lt. You will need 100 lts to get like 230 gems. Remember the fallacy of game economy? It can’t go both way it seems…

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I don’t defend the devs game economy argument. :rofl:

I’m just stating the view point they have made clear lately.


Yup i know, just saying what i think. And its good we are sharing our thoughts im a friendly manner. I hope there is a rebalancing in gem costs regarding the new game modes.