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151 Epic Tasks Then and Now

When I started keeping track of all the resources last week gained from LT. I expected to see a significant nerf compared to now and 2 months ago. I personally don’t see a nerf but definitely an up tick in Traitstone TS. It’s a bit disheartening that during 2 weeks of over 150 Legendary tasks… Neither weeks had a Mythic LT. Oh well. 🤷
What our actual total was
Personally…I just feel like a lot of effort was made to do this many. And the payout isn’t that great.


Yep, I completely personally agree. But that said, I know a handful of players on the opposite end that think LTs in their current form are the cats meow.

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theyve been worthless to me since they removed gems from them other than the infinitely rare drop of a mythic and then on top of that a mythic that you dont have…so basically worthless xD


I don’t really get what you’re asking for.

Is one mythic per month really good for the player economy? I reckon that’s about the amount of time it takes a competitive guild to hit ~150 LTs when they aren’t focusing solely on posting a humblebrag.

Is one mythic per week good for the player economy, even at that level?

Would you really be happy with the mythic you got? What if it was your 5th Infernus? Would we still see a thread about how terrible LTs are if you got 3 dupes?

I’m going to go out on a limb: at your level, the only rewards that could excite you are disproportionate. Tilting the game to suit those wants will drastically change the economy for the people who aren’t playing at the “165 LTs per week” level, which is more than 99% of the game. I, too, would like to have 3x the mythics I currently have. I think one of the things that keeps people “stuck” on GoW is the extremely slow resource drip.

So what, exactly, would a “good” payout for 165 LTs look like? And are you happy that a bracket 100 guild might be getting 33% of that as they climb towards your spot?


Nothing from you. Absolutely nothing.
From the devs. I want 150 LT to feel like a Rewarding experience. Not everything posted on the forums is up for debate. I kept the OP to pretty much just the numbers to avoid a long a discussion about how crappy legendary tasks are now. I’m already provided that feedback in length before.

My only thought on the rest is. Why man?
Do you feel the need to scrutinize a simple OP about legendary tasks stats?
And make it 90% about your own thoughts and 10% about the actual OP?
These are all rhetorical questions. Cause I really don’t care. Good day sir.


You made a humblebrag. Call it what it is m8.


I like seeing the 8 gem keys

Everything else, except Legendary troops (indifference) and Mythic troops (slight amusement)
Somehow 750 Glory feels like a poor amount, and yet that’s actually worth more than 4 Event keys.


Hey guy who claims he watches me be in global be negative. Made a forums account because of it. And despite saying he wasn’t going to write on the Forums anymore. Is here again…

You can interpret my OP however you want. I have plenty of threads made to brag.
This… Is more about crap LT. 150+ type. Or it’s not… I kept it to the numbers for people to get whatever they want from it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even wrong opinions. :grinning:

I took a SS of every LT. And then counted each individual reward separately. So it was very depressing how 10 legendary tasks led to an increase of 10 gem keys overall. I tried to justify the glory and TS thinking that other folks need it. But still… Shouldn’t Legendary tasks be beneficial to all players? Regardless of new or end gamers. The TS increase was definitely unsettling. But it’s been a year since I need to Farm for TS. So I know I don’t speak for everyone.

Well, I asked the devs to delete my account and got no response so I figured what the hell, may as well have a go. Perhaps you should Google the definition of humblebrag and then you will see what others do. Cheers

You shouldn’t need other adults to take something away from you to get you to stop using it. I’ll be happy to Google humble brag, if you Google self control. :grinning:

Right m8. Carry on looking down your nose at others. I’ve better things to do than stand here and bicker with you.

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Devs work best if you define what you want. They’re like genies, in a way. “Make it better” could be satisfied by adding a lot of gold. That’d make some people happy. But I think we know that wouldn’t make you happy.

A good request to the devs has both “this is what I don’t like” and “this is what I’d like it to be”. You don’t have any concrete terms. Just a vague statement you think some number of mythics should have been had. I think it’s worth expounding on that.

I threw in some preemptive comments on that: I personally can’t imagine a fair change to LTs they could make to get me excited at my level. I suspect you are much further along the path to completion. So it makes me even more curious what you think “exciting” LT rewards would be.

Without that, you’re just stamping your foot and saying “not good”. That’s not a lot to go on.


Just curious - do you expect to win the lottery every week, too? We all know you wouldn’t be satisfied unless you got a mythic in every LT.


Seems like I’m not the only one who sees through your nonsense Mr. Humblebrag. Cheers m8

Good job being done talking. It’s almost as if you can’t help yourself. I assume you failed to Google “self control”?
I didn’t know popularity was a Requirement to post a OP on the forums.
I shared my thoughts on my experience with a bunch of LT. I have no issue with folks sharing their thoughts about the OP.
But some members on the forums feel it’s their divine right to come at me, the poster, with criticism or personal attacks. This is evident with the posts above.
And then they attest that I “bully” others. :rofl::grin:
My apologies that life can be so bad that the Forums becomes those people’s place to lash out at others. In hopes of making themselves feel better. Misery, does love company. I truly feel sorry for those that this pertains to. You know who you are.
If you want to discuss your thoughts about legendary tasks. Then please do so.
If people want to try and derail this thread. I can’t stop you from doing so.
I just ask that “self control” is practiced. To avoid a mod having to waste their time to instill that control for them.
That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

I did that sir. I said your OP was a humblebrag did I not?

People can ask you questions, or explain they think your premise is wrong. That is “discussion”.

There are some mean-spirited ad hominems in here. Those are not “discussion”. Feel free to point those out.

But no amount of popularity or social credit guarantees when you make an OP everyone either agrees with you or doesn’t post at all. In general, I find if you ask 3 people’s opinions you will get at least 4 different opinions.

You’ve diverted from your main point and are bickering with people about whether they should be posting in here or not. Here’s a better strategy: tell them you think they can go make their own thread about their problems with you and that you’d like them to make a valid statement about your assertion that LTs are not rewarding enough.

But: while you are at it, I think you should provide an example of what you think better rewards for ~320 LTs look like. This would solidify your point and give people more specific targets to argue with. And if they don’t grab on to your points, it’s the same solution as my other suggestion: tell them to get on-topic or get out.

Salvage your thread, man. Focus on the reason you made it.

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You miss the point mate, this thread was made to a) humblebrag and b) as a means of starting arguments and troll people. Otherwise the OP would have plainly stated his issues and provided solutions.

I like to think the thread got away from him and he’s susceptible to cheap shots, so I’m trying to explain why all his threads go south and how he can stop it from happening. I get that this runs counter to your goals of keeping him riled up, but I’m trying to make a better person here as opposed to seeing how far I can push him.