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Lady morana teams

Do you think she’s better on attack or defense? I just unlocked her. Also, when building a team, should I worry about how much purple is on the board or should I just go for luck?

Its all luck in the end, but purple will increase your odds drastically. Average board has 8-9 of everything, while a purple generator or a Darkstorm can double that.

10% + 2 x 8 = 24%
10% + 2 x 14 = 38%
10% + 2 x 18 = 46%

… of course then you have to find other ways to use all the purple. It’s an odd thing to build around.


Just here also spells out the issues I have with her mana cost.

Great Maw needs 24 for a 100% instant kill, so even on a stacked board you are required to gather 34 mana to get an instant kill (on probabilities), more so on an average board.

Lady Morana is not great. My casts with 20+ purple haven’t been very successful, yet sometimes 10-12 purple will get the job done. Its nice when it triggers, but sometimes you’re going to be kicking rocks all day.

I’d rather use Scylla without the Bonestorm if possible.

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On the other hand, her traits make her an excellent tank. Make a purple-centered team with her in front and cast her if there’s 15+ purple for some reason.