Krystara's Keepers Reaches Top 100!


Today, my guild reached Top 100 on the league leaderboard after 7 months! This is the major milestone we wanted to reach this year. Thanks to many guildies, past and present, we were able to reach it today.

Our guild leader, @Macawi, founded the guild on March 9, 2018. She was kindly gifted a guild that was rank 732 in the league. Quickly, we filled it with friends and like-minded players that wanted to enjoy the game on their own terms while still staying competitive.

Thank you Macawi for giving me and my guild mates an awesome place to laugh, have fun and share special moments. Also, a special shout out to all my guild family that makes playing the game worthwhile.


It’s been a wonderful run! And the best is yet to come, congrats evrybody!


Woohoo! Well deserved. Congrats to all my fellow Keepers - 632 places in 7 months with no trophy requirements, and every raid and invasion completed :grin:


Great job, congrats!


Top 1 here we come :wink:


Congrats on breaking the top 100 :clap:


Well said @Ashasekayi. It’s sure been a fun journey and I am very proud to call you guys my friends. You are an awesome group of people and it has made the game very enjoyable for me. I want to sincerely thank you all. :heart:


And what an awesome guild it is :smiley: top bantz, top people! Glad I landed here.

Thanks Macawi for picking me up along the way <3


Its been an awesome journey so far! Keepers going strong, well done little feys and clumsy giants… haha: :rofl:


Our tiny gorilla, Vangor, wanted to say:
It’s the most fun I have had in this game has been helping to start this guild with all my friends. There is no place I would rather be and no people I would rather spend my time with.


This is the Tunes of War Troubadour logging on to shout hooray for the best damn guild in the game!

I’ve missed all of you over the past months! But never doubt that I am still proud of each of you and the guild that I helped form last March!!

Love Always,



Awww… I’ve missed you in GoW! huge hug @efh313 You were a big part of our success.


A big congratulations to you guys to reach such a milestone!
Onwards and upwards :heart:


How do I miss Vangor here!! :hugs:


Same. Its been kinda like Sahara without rain, without him around here, really…


Thanks @jzg, @mld-81 and @Fiara for the goodwill! :smile_cat:


join this guild made me want to play again, thank you all, awesome and funnies players. :v:


Congratulation @Ashasekayi @Eika and the rest of Krystara’s Keepers.


Congrats to Krystara’s Keepers


Thanks @Bernice and @Maxx for the kind words. :blush: