Guild Found. Thanks

I can produce 1,500 seals, 300+ trophies, 500k gold /week.
All my kingdoms are level 10 and most are 5+ stars.
Enjoy GW(30/30)/Raid Boss/Invasion every times.

Looking for a high ranking guild that rank Top 30, Bracket at least 5.
Can complete guild task every week and get a couple legend task sometimes.
Enjoy GW(25/30)/Raid Boss/Invasion every times.


We’re not top 30 but bracket 3, finish 40k seals & 10-15 LTs each week. Low reqs for low pressure but most of us are producing much more than the reqs. We’ll need to replace 2 retiring vets on Sunday.

So be warned if this guy comes up on your recruiting radar. lei#1875 invite code : EFREN_APQO

This guy wasted 2 days of my time helping him set up his discord and waiting for our spot to open, joined our guild, took the time to post a ss of our guild page to our discord to show he was in then promptly left without a word and removed himself from our discord server.

Funniest thing he didn’t even wait until after reset to collect all of our task booty before going. Guess his timing was off.


Guild Found. Thanks.