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Krystara's Keepers Recruitment Thread [30/30]

We are a top 100 guild (currently rank 84) looking for a new member. Many of our members built this guild up virtually from scratch in the last few years, and are proud of our work. We have a great mix of players from across the globe and all are welcome!

What we offer:

Basic tasks completed on Monday

40,000 seals completed every week

A few epic tasks completed every week

All Campaign/Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom rewards

An active, helpful Discord community

Loads of pet rescues around the clock

Reply here, PM me or @Macawi, or stop by our discord server if you’re interested!


The spot has been filled.


One spot available for next week, get in touch if you’re interested

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We still have one spot available. If you’re looking for a guild without a trophy req., but one that completes all guild events; come join us. :slight_smile:


We have one spot that just became available. Please either pm me here on the forums, or swing by our server for anyone interesting in grabbing that spot. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The spot is now filled.

Hi guys, do you still have a spot open? I’m level 1200, can make 1.000 trophies, 2m gold and 1.500 seals. I usually buy tier 3 or 4 in weekly guild event shop. Looking for a new guild as mine doesn’t alway make 40.000 seals.

Let me know,

Sorry, my post had to wait for spam filter. Did you see it?

Hi @chasseur_tueur. Right now we do not have any openings, and sorry that the title of the thread doesn’t reflect that. If you wouldn’t mind being placed on our waiting list, I would like for you to join our server (or pm me here) so we can chat more. Thank you for the interest.

We have one spot that we are looking to fill asap. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
We’re currently 7th in the event.

Hello! Have you found someone to fill the spot already?


Thank you for the interest @kraSLAVchik. I sent you a pm. :slight_smile:

We have another vacancy, please see the OP for requirements and message me if interested. :slight_smile:

Earlier today:


Come join a great group of people and get all the goodies! :blue_heart:
Krystara’s Keepers have one open spot!

PM @Macawi or @Whiskeyjack if you are interested to join us.
You can also just come directly to our discord - the link can be found in the OP.

Hope to hear from you! :slight_smile:


Spot is still available. Come join us!


Am now member here for 14 months. Its the best guild you can imagine! Come, join and have fun!


Spot filled, thanks for your interest!


A spot might be open in the near future, so feel free to PM @Macawi or @Whiskeyjack if you are looking for a new guild with down to earth people. You can also join our discord channel that is found in our OP and hang out with us in the mean time.

Hope to hear from you! :slight_smile:


We have one spot for an interested player. Please pm either me or @Whiskeyjack if interested. Thanks!


One spot is available, any interested players please contact me or @Macawi