ūüďú[30/30] Krystara‚Äôs Keepers: Official Recruitment Thread- Do you have what it takes to be the next Keeper?


Welcome to the Krystara’s Keepers Official Recruitment Thread!

I am @efh313, and along with @Ashasekayi, we are the primary recruiters for the Keep. Of course any of our helpful members can assist you.
But, I get ahead of myself… :wink:

Here is the pertinent information for which you are looking:

Who are you? Krystara’s Keepers is a new guild created by veteran players that wanted to share an adventure together. We are a close knit group of friends, led by the great @Macawi, and want to extend that friendship and familial spirit to all recruits.

What is your goal? Krystara’s Keepers intends to be a high performing, low stress haven for experienced players. We expect each member to pull their equal share but we accept that life happens.

What are your weekly reqs? Krystara’s Keepers’ Guild Requirements are as follows:

Why the odd numbers? These numbers ensure that, with 30 active Keepers, we complete all Guild Tasks and attain Level 6 Guild Chests each week.

How do I sign up? I am glad you asked! Simply post in this thread and ping myself, @efh313, or @Ashasekayi. Or come and visit us on our Discord server and experience the familial spirit of Krystara’s Keepers for yourself!

Guild Found - Thread Closed
Guild Found. Thanks

Assuming this guild is being made from scratch. I assure you… You won’t need Sentinels in guild wars for at least a year now.
Unless 3.3 changed it… You will be facing a lot of dead guilds. Just my thoughts… You are free to require whatever you like though. Best of luck with the new guild. :grinning:


Thanks for the support @awryan!
We have a climb ahead of us for sure, but making said climb with friends always lightens the load!


Friends with benefits tends to lighten loads as well. :wink:


Here’s wishing you guys every success!


Good luck guys on the new guild!!I’d join if I wasn’t a leader already and on ps4.


Haha. Hand the reins over to someone else and switch platforms.

Simples …



PM @Ashasekayi or @efh313 if you’re interested in joining the guild.
(Requirements are in the first post.)


Hi, my name and my guild name on GOW is Greybush. I’ve been playing daily for over a year now. I’ve been trying to recruit and build my guild w little success. I think its time to join a group who is interested in accomplishing the same goals. I’ve acquired 25,318,513 gold, 74,735 seals and 13,878 trophies… let me know if i can join. Thanks-Greybush
Ps… if i switch, do I lose stats?


Unfortunately you will @Greybush,but it’s nothing that cannot be regained. :slight_smile:


Almost all of the players here are veterans and very experienced. Climbing the ranks will be fun and quick :smiley:


My apologies to all. I play on Xbox and realized after posting this is pc/mobile. Good luck to all!


No worries. :sweat_smile:


@efh313 You left Mean Machine? :open_mouth:


PM @Ashasekayi or @efh313 if you’re interested in joining the guild.
(Requirements are in the first post.)

Discord Recruitment Server


@bear Yeah, it was a tough decision but a lot of the old guard had left, and mavado was doing a good job leading, so I went to join my friends in Druids Alliance, which was awesome. And then we all decided to start our own guild and climb the ranks for fun. Make a new adventure out of it for us!

Who are you with now?


You are off to a great start with an awesome group of people.
Good luck my friends!


Thank you @Mariana :slight_smile:


PM @Ashasekayi or @efh313 if you’re interested in joining the guild.
(Requirements are in the first post.)

Discord Recruitment Server