[Known Issue] Two pet hunts at once

PC/Steam version

Guild “Has to be DUKE”, Player “Jerry”

Today (11.02., ca. 20:19 CET), a pet hunt for the pet Auraio came up for me. At the same time, other players reported the pet Toy Soldier as up. When finishing the hunt, I received copies of both (sadly forgot to take a screenshot).
After logging in again, the Toy Soldier hunt was available for me additionally, again earning me rewards, this time only for the Toy Soldier.

So far, noone else in the guild chat seems to have had this happen to them, so it might be an individual glitch. Though it might be possible as well, that two players caught pet gnomes simultanously, and I was, for some reason, the only one to benefit from it.

Might be something to check in the database. Although the rewards are welcome to me of course, I find it deeply confusing.

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Its not unusual during gnome weekend for this to happen. Or maybe i should say it is unusal but does happen. Weve had it happen to us 3 times. Its always occurred when two different parties kill a pet gnome at the same time. Heres a screenshot from a while back.

Hey unfortunately, this is a known issue.

The team are aware of it and have been working on ongoing improvements to our infrastructure as part of dealing with this.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Kafka, since you are here how about a pet recuse queue system? Let’s say it can queue up to 5 pet rescues per guild that way we would not waste any pets.

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