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Possible Pet Exploit [MORE INFO NEEDED]

I was going to try to avoid further drama by reporting what appears to be an exploit in a ticket. But since I was already kicked from the server that this conversation took place. (It seems at least one mod there prefers exploits over legit playing.) But anyway, as said in the SS I can’t test anything myself. Though based on the photos and the reaction after wards, it’s safe to assume there’s a way to exploit the number of pet copies a player can receive in the mail from a pet rescue by involving 2 devices.

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There is one thing in those captures that tell me the devs wont do anything.

I would still submit it as a bug report. Maybe they will do something about it.

Is there even an actual bug report feature any longer or just forum based?

Just forums based.
I would have to report the bug report as something else to submit it as a ticket.
But since it’s an exploit, they usually understand if it’s reported as a ticket. Since I don’t know exactly how to make the exploit happen. I felt it safe to report it here.

Def seems like an exploit but I’m still trying to figure out what could have occurred.


Player opens rewards screen(somehow I initially thought it was mailbox) on phone and receives a certain amount of pets and can also open on pc at the same time for a different amount?


guild somehow gets 2 pets using two different devices to kill pet gnomes at the same time?

Just trying to see what the exploit is since it’s hard to tell without knowing who said what in the photo(def understand blacking out the names though).


I don’t understand why you’re thinking it’s related to mail. On both screenshots, pets received via pet rescue’s Rewards tab.

Saw that too. I also don’t know how you could use the two devices to get two pets either since you when you play on two accounts you get kicked from device if logged into another. Maybe there is a way to disconnect from the internet at the rewards screen, collect rewards from one device, then reconnect and collect from the other? The whole thing is confusing lol.

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I assumed it was the mail because of the two different pets. How can you get two different pets from one pet rewards tab?

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I have no idea how this happened but screenshots shows “Rewards” tab in the background. Mail menu has a different background.

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What I’m seeing is, two players in the same guild (assuming 2 players because pets are at different rarities) got two different pets as rewards when collecting rewards from a single pet rescue. My guess would be somehow two pet rescues were activated at the same time and the game is getting rewards for one or the other when rolling baskets. There’s 9 baskets, 3 pets from a single pet rescue is not unheard of. Maybe they got an extra pet out of it.

I don’t know why assume it’s an exploit or even intentional. I suppose it’s possible they coordinated and two players killed a pet gnome at the same time, but unless you saw multiple of these, I’d just assume it’s a very unlikely bug. It’s not like the game is exceptionally bug free these days :sweat_smile:


So we know that if you complete (one or more battles in) a Pet Rescue, but don’t collect the rewards, they get sent to your mail. The mail doesn’t expire for probably 24h to 7 days. It seems entirely possible to me that someone could just ‘not collect’ their mail, and then do the same thing with a subsequent Pet Rescue to reproduce this.

Not saying that it definitely isn’t an exploit, especially given the comments afterwards (as was mentioned) (it might well still be), but thought it might be worth mentioning this possibility.

if this is the case, then its not an exploit at all, not even a bug

As far as I can tell the screenshot shows the rewards tab of the pet rescue, with two pets getting collected. Gold seems to be the standard 18k from a single rescue, so it possibly only handed out an extra pet. Going by the blue food the regular rescue was probably Guppy, with Lil’ Kerby being the extra. It’s the same extra pet for two players, so it’s likely not rolled up randomly.

1.) Is it possibly to stack pet rescues in some way? What happens if you join a guild that currently has a pet rescue running? As much as I know you don’t get to participate in that rescue, which allows you to trigger one yourself. How does that work out for guild members?
2.) I wonder what happens if you complete all 8 pet rescue battle, wait around in the rewards tab until the next rescue starts, then collect. Is the game aware that the specific reward you are trying to collect has expired and has been sent by mail or does it only check that there currently is a rescue active?

Ah right, yeah :persevere:

If the player(s) it happened to could submit details to the devs, I’m sure it would help the devs either explain it or fix it. They were willing to share it in a discord server, why not in a Bug Report as well? :woman_shrugging:t2:

We had a member join while a pet rescue was active and then activate one himself.
When the current rescue ends, you fight the one your new member activated (provided you do something to trigger refresh, like doing any battle and such), but the time for the rescue is less than 60 minutes. If, for example, new Pet Gnome was killed with 45 minutes remaining in current rescue then new rescue will have only 15 minutes to finish.

EDIT. I changed the sample numbers from 30 min/30 min to 45 min/15 min because it better illustrates the point I was trying to make.


I had to check to see if this wasn’t some years old bumped topic.

Once upon a time many years ago soon after when pets first came out they added uncolletced pets to ‘mail’ instead of simply vanishing there was a useful feature. The uncollected pets in mail would be what ever the current pet rescue was currently running, not the pet rescue when the mail was sent. So you could build up pet rescues in the mail, and when the one you wanted ran you would open all your mail. But this feature was removed a few months after they added it.
Or perhaps not entirely the case now :face_with_monocle:

Hello team, if you have more information on this that would be appreciated. Right now I’m seeing a lot of speculation and would like something a little more solid to show the devs.

(@Saltypatra) I think @Dust_Angel’s explanation seemed the most likely, but totally get that something more solid would be helpful.

I could potentially test it out on say the beta server with some Pet Gnome Baits and co-operation from someone else, and then video it to have something more solid to present and chase up (if it is a thing).

As far as I understand it it’s a counter example, it shows that overlapping pet rescues due to joining a guild doesn’t allow you to collect two pets at stage 8.

Oh, another thing I forgot to mention about those pet rescues…
Joining member doesn’t get to do the pet rescue that is already active when he/she joins the guild.
It’s possible for her/him, as described above, to trigger a new rescue, but nothing more, as far as my knowledge spreads.