[Known Issue] PVP screen loading way too slow

Platform: Android, but probably on all platforms

Issue: after winning a battle in pvp and continuing to the next one, the game needs to select three new possible opponents. This selection procedure is not performing well.
It takes between 5 to 11 seconds for the next screen to appear with the three battles to choose from.
Other screen switches in the game perform way better, all between 1 to 3 seconds.

Please take a look how to improve this as it is annoying and probably unneeded to wait this long.


It is very slow, frequently the battles are shorter than the loading of the next one.


Yes you’re right. Very slow and takes lots of time to load

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At 5-10 seconds, you’re still on the lucky end of the scale. I’ve had it take over a minute a few times today, and I know that wasn’t just in my case.

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1:40 is the longest it’s taken for me so far, but most are in the 40-70 second window.


Wow, that’s horrible…

Same - it takes insane amount of time to load!!!

@devs - do something!!!

This was reported pretty quickly after the update yesterday and we created a known issue for more updates:

The dev team has been investigating already!


Thank you!

Now, after each battle, to load the next one takes over 2 min!!!

Also, Explore runs are struggling - what about the Event this weekend???

I’ve been experiencing extreme lag too. Gonna be rough trying to play the vault event.

The Event is here - still, the load (everywhere) takes too much time!!!

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The name “Quick battle” ironically hangs in there all this time, I want to errrrrase it already :slight_smile:


Downloading all assets improved waiting time significantly in my case.
Hope it helps you guys too.

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I’ll post my worst example of it here since the thread I replied to with it yesterday was a dupe and it won’t have been seen:

Wait times between 10 and 90 seconds, usually 1 minute+ currently.

Try downloading all assets like was suggested, perhaps it helps

Currently I can get into a multiplayer game of halo in basically the same time as it takes for a PvP choice to load!!! PvP a complete waste of time currently.