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Sluggish gameplay

Has anyone noticed sluggish gameplay or stuck loading screen? And weirdly enough it seems like it’s more frequent in PvP. Frustrating. All day yesterday and it’s continuing today. I play on mobile Android.

I’ll restart program, maybe get one PvP match in and then back to stuck reloading screen.

I have noticed longer loading screens since the update, but today in particular I am seeing sluggish gameplay.

I am playing on iOS. Just restarted the game and saw slight improvement but starting to lag again.

Whenever I ge tsluggish gameplay on my iPhone, I just Disconnect from chat – that usually is the culprit. Give that a try and see how it goes?

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Also keep in mind that it is first couple of days of the new event week. Lots of people playing. Clogs up the servers so you get these little lags. Annoying but unavoidable.

Buffering Buffering Buffering.

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That should not impact the game during a match (outside of chat). The game otherwise runs local-only until the match completes.

Well the reference was to loading screens being slow so that’s where my suggestion came from but you’re right @Lyya about in battle.

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Yeah my son has the exact same problem on Android. Has only gotten worse with the last two updates. Game constantly crashes during pvp or will crash after he stops playing pvp and goes back to the main screen.

@Lyya unfortunately that little turn off chat trick stopped working a while ago now :frowning:

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Have you submitted crash reports to the dev team? I suspect they don’t like hearing that their game is crashing a lot.