My complaints :) - Slow loads, slow play

I have been playing this game for more than 2 years. Will you ever fix the slow load times? (ios player with ipad pro/iphone 6)

Places where the game loads slowly

  • on start up - maybe forgive able but you should really take a look at how quickly Clash loads and target that type of speed.

  • on clicking any button (hero,shop, guild, PVP, Mini game, etc.) I really do not know what to say, i feel bad for your QA dept. waiting and watching that terrible spinner for any action

  • match start buff visuals - will you ever give us an option to turn off the set up visuals? Waiting for the buffs to happen has become very tiresome - first of all its unclear what is doing what, 2nd of all idgaf what is buffing/de-buffing what, 3rd these would only be useful to a new player who has no traits.

my concern is similiar, game requires too fast internet for me to use my mobile internet (it has a speed limitation 512 kb/sec without actual data/month limitation) so i can only play when i get to city/wifi with a faster internet access -
due to that i had to have a month long break and might have to be forced to that again some time.

please reduce data tranasfer amounts somehow (that would also speed up loading screens greatly i think)

just wanna add my feedback that due to the slow loading (before and after each battle) the game is not fun/relaxing at all on the mobile (android)

please reduce the amount of data transfered each time
make it working as fluently as on the pc

i just installed another match-3 fantasy combat game just coz i couldnt relax in bed with GoW loading times
@Saltypatra tagging just so you dont miss it, please think about it when working on new game engine :slight_smile:

im not bored of the game but its not competitive towards other games on mobile with those laoding times

(LG V10)

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