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Stuck on loading hero

The game randomly stops at that screen, the rotating symbol disappears and nothing happens.

Same here.

Usually when it happens to me, it’s not really stuck, and will load after about a minute or so. Did any of you wait that long?

I did, then just killed it. Figured I’d just try later.

Yeah, since 2.0 went live the Data requirements are very high. Just now it consumed 5.1MB of data to load (on iPhone).

@Sirrian is this a known problem that you are working on fixing or is this data increase just the cost of the change to PvP (or something else) that is expected to continue?

Occasionally our chat server plays up and seems to cause problems with the logging in. We are investigating with our server provider a fix for it.

When the chat server goes down it sometimes makes logging in a bit unresponsive. We think we have a fix out there already on for Steam for this and hope it’s fixed in the next mobile client update, which should hopefully be out soon.