[Known Issue] Campaign Chapter 2 Completion Error

PS4 Pro running GoW version: 6.3.0r34933

After I completed all tasks for Chapter 2 (Dragon’s Claw), I finished claiming all the prizes and activated the artifact, thus completing the chapter.

Upon finishing a battle and claiming rewards elsewhere, the Campaign alerts flashed up again and advised me that I have new rewards to collect (as shown).

I can not do anything to clear this up as all rewards are claimed and all tasks are completed.

Let me know what other information or pictures I can provide to help resolve this. Thanks!


If you haven’t already can you submit a ticket, making sure to include your invite code so we can pass on your account details to the development team - this is currently an issue we are already investigating :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

It looks like it wants you to turn in the Dungeon Lord task on the right again. Just click on it, you’ll probably end up with 203 total stars, it won’t break anything.

I’ve tried to get it to process anything from clicking that task box, multiple times. It just spins the color wheel momentarily in the corner and then it stops which leaves everything as is shown.

My goal in pointing it out is that it could hopefully be fixed before the new chapter begins, in case it won’t advance my available tasks with that one currently being stuck.