[KNOWN ISSUE] Finished all, but one 3 star task in campaign

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Have done all tasks except one, due to game saying that I am done with all the 3 star tasks. Which it shows that I am missing one, because of a glitch. Have to wait until next week. Will not be able to finish the 6th level of the relic, due to the fact.


Working as intended. They want you to spend $25 for the extra 20 points each week.

Only kind of kidding.

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Hey @Malcolm54

The team is currently aware of this issue and are investigating why players aren’t receiving their final Bronze Task.

To stay up to date on when there is a resolution, we have made a Known Issues article about this you can follow along.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Glad im not the only one! I was a tad irritated to think im not getting the artifact level. Hoping thjs is resolved soon. BEFORE Sunday…

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Especially since it makes finishing the campaign impossible.

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