[Fix Incoming] Trying to access the campaign menu is causing the game to crash or freeze

Every time I try to access the campaign menu on PlayStation it is crashing the game.

Similar thing happens on other platforms too.


Yes, this is happening to me as well. Also my last task has changed numbers. Its showing me I have only killed 12 brown troops when I have killed many more.

Same here. My completed task is still complete, but the open ones have both reset. Quite annoying as they were about half done. Not too happy if I have to restart them as they’re time sinks.

Don’t know if it still is but it froze on Xbox this morning as well if you clicked on it.

Same on Android and iOs

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Same experience on Steam and Bluestacks here.

same here (PC-Steam), and everyone in global 001 is saying it affects them too. Spins until I hard exit.

Same here

Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Android), same thing, just sits there with the spinning colours :frowning:

I too am having the same problem. I finished my last task and went to collect and I get the spinning screen of death. I let it sit for 10 mins before I gave up and killed the task (PC Version). I tried multiple times, rebooted my machine, tried again, no luck. Hope they can resolve this soon.

Maybe not until next week? They rarely work on weekends.

Same problem on Nintendo Switch. I apparently lost some task progress, and the game crashes every time I try to open the campaign menu.

Same problem here on ps5

Curious, I haven’t had any problems myself (I had completed all my tasks for the week by Wednesday).

Switch affected too.

Same here. (iOS)

Is anyone having issues accessing campaign rewards? I completed the tasks and went to collect every time I have been attempting the game crashes and says the software has been closed because an error has occurred.

I wonder if this is somehow a problem with the weekend event configuration, or upcoming event configurations? Maybe the “Head Start” type offers (as described in the 7.0 newspost) ?

I completed all my tasks by Wednesday, and therefore had no incentive to actually access the Campaign tab. I tried just now and 2 seconds after tap the game simply crashed outright, didn’t even make it to the Campaign tab at all.

Of course, you can’t natively capture footage around a Switch app crash (after or before), but maybe you can capture video using a different camera? I doubt it’ll help much, but you’ll at least have it available if they request some…

this happens to everyone on Switch. as long as you’ve completed all the tasks so far, it’s a 100% crash

Okay, this is an interesting angle to explore but then why is it only happening on Week 9? And what about the other platforms which are also crashing/freezing?