Kingdom Power & Level

What impact will it have to upgrade the level and power of kingdoms other than the home kingdom?

You will eventually unlock a higher stats bonus. Some kingdoms gives you +1 Attack, Health, Armor or Magic, with a higher power level this bonus increases to +2.

Thank you. So bonuses apply even on kingdoms not set to home. Will daily gold & tribute bonuses improve?

That will also improve, you don’t get bonus only from your home kingdom. Every kingdom contributes, but you get some extra resources from your home kingdom everytime you receive tributes from it.

With all kingdoms upgraded as much as it’s possible right now you’ll receive something like 4 to 12 tributes at once, always available each hour on your home kingdom.

(Higher power level also increases your chance to receive tributes by the way.)


There’s only two bonuses for the home kingdom:

  • Your hero counts as being from that kingdom.
  • When it gives tribute, you get 2x tribute.

You don’t always get tribute from the home kingdom.

This is why a ton of home kingdoms are Whitehelm. It gives the most glory, and that’s the “hardest” tribute resource to get.

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I thought your hero counted as being from the kingdom associated with your class, nothing to do with home kingdom.