Some Questions Xbox One 1.0.8

Playing on XBOX One, yesterday it updated to 1.0.8.

I never understood how Kingdom Bonus works. Now its even more irritating.

Say my Home Kingdom is level 7 all others are 5, will only the Home Kingdom give Bonus to troops ?
Only to troops of that Kingdom ? Only if I play a mission in that Kingdom or attack one with the
same home kingdom ?

There is a little green shield displaying " 0 " at the moment. What is that ?

Now maxed kingdoms will provide the corresponding skills to all troops, regardless of the home kingdom you have chosen - or the banner your team battles under. e.g. if you have Karakoth maxed to level 10, all troops within your teams will receive a +1 to magic. The updated kingdoms now require gold to level-up rather than maxed (lvl 15) troops. Each level of a troop within a kingdom now is calculated into the kingdom’s ‘power level’ … along with the number of troops owned under a kingdom, and the traits applied to each troop.

You can see the workings of the new features by viewing some of the previews:
Chests and Keys: ( 1.0.8 Preview Part 1 - Chests and Keys! )
Upgrading Troops: ( 1.0.8 Preview Part 2 - Upgrading Troops )
Shop and Kingdoms: ( 1.0.8 Preview Part 3 - Shop and Kingdoms )

I hope that helps.

FYI… the green shield and the number within is your VIP rank.

Everything @Dibbs said is correct.

Basically, level your Kingdoms to get stat bonuses now (using Gold), banners are only for choosing Mana bonuses for your Teams and your Home Kingdom is only for Tribute purposes.

Got it, thanks a lot.

Home Kingdom has one more minor use - it’s the Kingdom where all your Defence matches are fought, which controls which traitstones drop in Defence matches.

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Great point @actreal!