Kingdom Power Guide

So with 2.1, we now know that 6 gold stars and 7 gold stars are possible. But which Kingdoms is it possible in yet, and which still need more Troops?

The first thing to know is how Kingdom Score works:

  • The first 10 Troops are worth 50 points each and then 10 points each
  • The first 30 Traits are worth 25 points each and then 10 points each
  • The first 200 Levels are worth 10 points each and then 2 points each

Then we need to know how many points for each Kingdom Level:

Silver star      600
Gold star      1,200
2 Gold stars   1,700
3 Gold stars   2,100
4 Gold stars   2,400
5 gold stars   2,600
6 gold stars   2,900
7 gold stars   3,200
8 gold stars   3,500
9 gold stars   3,800
10 gold stars  4,000

Now we can work out the maximum number of Stars possible for each Kingdom given their number of Troops:

Troops  Max Score   Max Stars
   8      2,600      5 Gold
   9      2,925      6 Gold
  10      3,250      7 Gold
  11      3,330      7 Gold
  12      3,410      7 Gold
  13      3,490      7 Gold
  14      3,570      8 Gold
  17      3,810      9 Gold
  20      4,050     10 Gold

Since most players going for 7 stars will have all the troops and almost all the levels, we can work out how many traits are required given the maximum troops per Kingdom:

Max         Traits for 7 Stars
Troops   All Levels   Almost All Levels
 10          28             29
 11          26             27
 12          24             25
 13          22             23
 14          20             21

After 10 troops, each one give 10 points not 20.

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Is it worth including what the reward is for each star level?

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They also give 50 points each to begin with, not 100. The max score calculations are correct.

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Im not sure how appropriate those reductions are, e.g after 10 troops, especially considering that 10 star kingdoms will be introduced at some stage. With the game being redesigned to be more accessible I would imagine those values will increase at some stage

Yeah, I was thinking that myself, but they are currently shown as “unavailable” so I’m betting they will change stuff around still. If the patterns hold, after nearly maxing 10 troops for 7*, it takes four more fully maxed troops to get a measly 150 gold per day, then five more nearly maxed troops on top of that for triple tribute chance - more total fully maxed troops that needed for 5*.

Given current release schedule, that would also be at least six months, or more, to be able to attain the 150 gold per day star, and around a full year, maybe more, where the highest available star in every single kingdom gave 150 gold per day. I’m all for long term, but that would be a pretty big time gap where one of the ultimate goals in the game gave a pitiful reward in return across the board. I highly doubt (and certainly hope) that will not be the case.

There is this tidbit:

But it could be possible he had 8 and 9 star mixed up, or things have chanced since then.

I have now added an extra table showing how many traits you need to get 7 stars, assuming you have all the Troops and levels or almost all the levels (maybe not every troop to Mythic yet).

I think it’s a pretty good guide to help decide whether you can push a Kingdom to 7 stars now, or wait for the next Troop or two to arrive, based on the Traits you’ve got already.


Thank you so much for updating this. Was just looking for this information :wink:

Leonis 8
Glacial Peaks 8
Dragon’s Claw 9
Drifting Sands 9
Sword’s Edge 9
Pridelands 9
Maugrim Woods 9
Zaejin 9
Karakoth 9
Blighted Lands 10
Mist of Scales 10
Khetar 10
Wild Plains 10
Stormheim 10
Divinion Fields 10
Darkstone 10
Whitehelm 11
Adana 11
Grosh-Nak 11
Forest of Thorns 11
Pan’s Vale 11
Broken Spire 11
Zhul’Kari 11
Khaziel 12
Ghulvania 13


It turns out that traits above 30 are worth 10 points, rather than 5 as we all assumed.

All calculations have now been corrected in the top post.

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For future reference, this information is now available at Kingdom Table - Gems of War Database.


So im assuming im gonna have to have all troops in silverglade fully leveled and traited for 5 stars correct? I have 3 traits to go and one ascention to mythic left…

Until a 9th troop is added, yes. With 8 troops in a kingdom, you need all of them completely ascended, leveled and traited to get five stars.

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Bump, because people should bookmark/share these numbers with players thinking about raising their kingdom stars. :wink:


Consider it’s possible now to get kingdom to level 8, maximum 9 at Ghulvania and Khaziel for 17 troops. I will add a bit more info for this necro thread.

To get kingdom from level 7 to 8, you need

  1. At least 14 troops in that kingdom (540 points)
  2. At least 36 traits (810 points)
  3. Almost all troops at Mythic with max levels, can missing up to 5 levels (275 levels out of 280, 2150 points)

Many kingdoms are possible to be level 8 now, even more if you have Base Mythics at some places. With new weekly releases, all kingdoms will gradually get there.

Please consider that you should get every kingdoms to level 7 first, for maximum tribute resources. Only one not possible right now is Merlantis. Urskaya is reachable, but will be easier to do next week with new troop, if you have Mythic Doomclaw.

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Updated the top post with the numbers for 9 gold stars (Khaziel and Ghulvania only) and 10 gold stars (not possible yet).

Interestingly, 10 gold stars only requires 200 points more than 9, so will be possible only one troop after 9 gold stars.


So I’m wondering about Pridelands, which can get 9 stars next week.

I have all the current 16 troops and I’m missing only a level for Stone-Shaker. All else is maxed out.

Now when the new Pridelands rare troop comes in Bounty event and I raise it to lvl 16, I have 17 troops all fully traited and missing 5 levels = 10 points. I still get 9 stars since the max points is 3810 and points needed is 3800.

Am I correct?



It seems that you can only miss 10 power = 5 levels. So as long as formula topic starter posted is accurate, your calculations are correct.

That’s good to know that there’s 10 points wiggle room for 9*. Does anyone know about 10*? Is there any wiggle room with the 20 troops needed?