Kingdoms Bonus List (printable)

  • Update 10/20/2017 with the new kingdom: Merlantis

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Kingdom Table - Gems of War Database

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Just a suggestion, but would it be possible to include the types of traitstones that you can farm from each area (as in the colour ones) with the unique arcane?

Also, just a note, there is a spelling mistake for Pridelands.

Looks awesome! : )

@KAYA43V3R Can you make one .png with no background? I may use it in a video in the future. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I correct the spelling of Pridelands

For traitstones i already add the arcane, example: adana it’s Red/Yellow arcane, so you can farm: red and yellow minor, major, runic and the Red/Yellow arcane.
Are you sure i need to add the minor, major and runic pictures???


Yep i’ll do for you, just be patient, some work to do it :wink:

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Thanks! No rush.

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Oh, wow. Now I feel dumb. SOMEHOW, I never actually realized that (that the arcane is a combination of the individual colours that you can farm from a certain area).

In that case, nevermind then. My bad.

It looks great! Thanks for the list! : )


@Tacet here for you *.png without background :wink:

If something wrong pm me


Thanks @KAYA43V3R! :slight_smile:

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Update: Blackhawk added :slight_smile:

Any chance you could update the .png version too? :slight_smile:

I haven’t got around to that video yet, but definitely will by the end of this year, which is likely before the next kingdom. xD

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for you @Tacet :wink:


Update with Silverglade

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Update 04/14/2017:

  1. Suncrest
  2. Total
  3. Column 8,9 & 10 stars
  4. PDF link
  • Update 07/15/2017: Urskaya

Hi @KAYA43V3R,

I’m looking at the “Total” section at the bottom and I think you may be missing a kingdom. The total for Magic bonus is showing as 4, but there are 5 magic kingdoms. The stat bonuses and mana bonuses both total to 28, but there should be 29.

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@Stan thx for you check :wink:
i’ll update whit the next kingdom… soon

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  • update 10/20/2017 : Merlantis
    (same tribute as Wild Plains)