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Kingdom Power Guide

Yes, 50 points as shown in the top post.

Stromheim has 15 troops. On Monday they will add one Legendary and one Epic. And on Friday they will add a Bounty troop, 18th troop.
You will hit 9 stars no sweat.
EDIT: Oops, you were talking about Pridelands.

How do you know that 10 stars will require 4000 power?

Well there are a few kingdoms now on 9* so you can see by going to the kingdom and it’s “power” tab. But before any kingdom was 9* I’m not sure how anyone knew.

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This information was data-mineable since 2.x.


Hallo, was browsing through the GoW threads and found this particular one interesting, as I’d like to maximize tribute from each kingdom.

So I plan to follow this poster’s advice (all kingdoms to lvl 7 first).

Here’s the stupid dumb question now. Buckle up.

I play on Steam interface; 7 stars = 1 blue star showing, right? >_<

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7 stars = 3 blue, 2 white on the main map or 3 yellow, 2 blue in the kingdom menu, power tab.


Thank you very much. Now I’m hoping for a Kingdom tab on the main map’s UI, like the one you can do for Troops >_<

LOL posted 2 years ago. Still helpful today. Thank you!


If I count correctly (once again) next week we get 2 Ghulvania troops, bringing the total number of troops on that Kingdom to 19 and max points available to 3990, only 10 points short of a 10 star Kingdom. So when one has 20 troops from a Kingdom there is not a strict need for all traits and levels, rather 10 star kingdoms are “easy to get” when you have 20 troops.

(I was just wondering if I need to adjust my “lay low until Zuul-Goth” strategy)

edit. ah, actually this was already discussed a few posts earlier. But it’s nice there is quite a large room to wiggle.

edit2. although I really enjoyed the situation when there was only 8 troops / kingdom and you needed to max them all to get 5 stars, which was actually very useful in-game also. Those 5 star kingdoms gave a big satisfaction when you got them.