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2.1 Known Issues

:cry: :tired_face: :persevere: :scream:

First time I got error like this

Mobile Error today:


have few questions regarding progress here:

  • after collecting 10 troops, your bonus goes to 10 points per troop instead of previous 25?
  • After 200 levels, bonus goes down from 10 points per level to 2 points per level?
  • is there similar limitation for Traits, if yes at what amount?
  • is this a bug or intended state?


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From 25 to 5 per trait over 30. Each is reduced to 20% of original, and it is intended.

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Intended. See my guide here for the details:

Thanks for the quick reply. Seems like pay to upgrade change unfortunately. Will take more time to upgrade given Kingdom it seems, well we simply need to play more now :slight_smile: See you on the battlefield then :wink:

For what it is worth I’m only VIP 2 (so not much in terms of money spent) but have 12 kingdoms at 7 stars, 2 at 6 stars, and 10 at 5 stars. It takes an investment of time, but you can get there.

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Going that way every day :wink: Its all about expansion, one way or another. All hero classes upgraded to max, now gaining levels on the last one. All kingdoms at minimum lvl 6 when it comes to gold spent, nine needed to have all at lvl 10, stars slowly building up. Love the game so far :slight_smile: also 2VIP level ATM opted for one monthly payment max.

PS: My friend has an IPad Air2 and she can’t see guild chat.
Anyone knows about this problem?


Did we just get a push?

We did, yes.

Is this still the case or has it been fixed? With the Mythic in those chests in less than an hour, I’m sure many of us would like to know… Forgive me if its been mentioned elsewhere.

I believe a fix has put out.

I opened up 200+ guild chests, scored 15-20 of each, no problems at all.

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3 errors in less than 10 matches to start off the week. Giving me loses instead of wins. Wonderful. And stun is still broken on immortal trait. Is there any word of a fix on that @Sirrian or @Nimhain? Sorry if this is redundant, but I haven’t seen an official response on this issue.

I’m getting losses instead of victories too. Usually connection errors and after two tries to reconnect to the servers my victory is then counted as a loss.
Does your game is behaving in the same way? It might be a clue to the solution.
I’m holding off pvp for today in the hopes that it could be “crowded server issues” while waiting for an answer from the devs.

Yes. I’ve had the same thing happen. I’m on iOS though. Not sure which device you’re on. I think they all (pc/mobile that is) use the same server, but I could be mistaken on that.

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I’m on PC. Let’s hope for the fast and best for a while.

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PC issues of poor connections, droppings, and disconnects still ongoing.