King Slime monster idea

Legendary Monster

Green/Purple 14 “Consume”

Remove all gems of a chosen enemies mana colors and deal that much damage between all enemies. Gain 1+ ( Magic score ) Life

Trait 1 Monster Bond
Trait 2 Huge
Trait 3 Insatiable Hunger- Steal 1 life from each opponent on 4-5 gem matches.

That feels a pretty weak spell. And a legendary should have a unique third trait.

Edit: any spell that uses a troop’s colours currently (eg Celestasia) picks one at random, which is how I assumed yours would work. If the intention is to remove all colours of an enemy you should say.

I did mean all thats why I said colors I know most say color so I added an SSSSSsssss :P. Also ya it was place holder for the moment on the trait. I think this card would be a good punisher for mythic decks and decks with prismatic cards. Also I wanted to gear him to gain massive life as a survival tool. If he gets consumed himself anger and happiness…

What about a Metal Slime?

A Metal Slime appears!

Mythic Monster

Starts with 1 on all stats and gets no increases from levels, only from kingdom/guild/race bonuses.

Yellow-Green-Purple 30 mana “Escape”
Remove myself and a selected enemy troop from the battle. Can only be cast once.

Trait 1 Greedy
Trait 2 Impervious
Trait 3 Nigh-Invincible: Reduce spell and skull damage by 100%