King Mikhail's does not get Enraged (Fixed)

King Mikhail’s third trait has stopped working. He no longer gets enraged when matching brown gems. This is one of my favorite troops and I use him daily. I know very well how he is suppose to work and today (Sept 5, 2018) he no longer gets enraged when matching brown. I have the third trait & he is not stunned. Unfortunately, since this started the same day the new 4.0 was released I assume this may very well get over-looked and fix will be delayed? I hope not.

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He is probably too depressed about the explode nerf to muster enough rage at the moment.

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Hey @Brev sorry for the delayed reply.

It appears King Mikhail’s 3rd Trait is working and he is becoming enraged on Brown Gem matches.
Are you still experiencing this issue or was it a once off?

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you - I apparently overlooked this email the first time.

Yes King Mikhail’s 3rd trait is working - but in the past his Attack symbol turned RED - which it no longer does. I can see there are some special effects - like a circle around his picture, but for me those are much harder to detect. But no doubt the most important thing is the 3rd trait is working, I just need to try to remember if active or not.

Good Luck to both of us.

Yes I agree - the new ‘Enraged’ status effect is very hard to determine whether your troops have it or not.

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Sorry, this was a visual issue. The attack symbol should be red, and fixed in the next update.