King Mikhail issue?

So played a team that had a King Mikhail mythic and fully traited.
He matched brown and got enraged then he cast his spell, I think this was the first damage he did and his spell 1 shotted my mythic and fully traited Maw.

When I bring up his spell description it says:

What is boosted? The extra damage if he is enraged?

Edit: I am playing at 2x speed, I could easily have missed skull matches as I was not paying that much attention at the time so that could explain the one shot… but I still think maybe more explanation is needed for what is boosted x6.

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That means you get 6 extra points of damage per condition met, which is a flat +6 for Mikhail being enraged (you can’t meet this condition multiple times, he is either enraged or not). It does look weird on a troop with only one possible instance of that condition though indeed.

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Yeah I think you may have missed a skull match as you said.

I’ve played a number of matches with him (only at legendary) and haven’t had him one shot anyone. I’d be curious as to what team you’re using him in.

I’ve slotted him into, what I find a fun Explode based team.


No counters, so is risky and relies on just blowing up stuff and doing team wide damage. :slight_smile: Can use mercy instead of Skullbeard for a faster start.

Enraged is nice for extra damage on skull drops to proc the Firestorm earlier.

I hadn’t noticed the boost ratio text and agree it is slightly confusing considering considering himself being enraged is the only condition.


Agreed with the points above, may have just missed the skull, and the multiplier is definitely confusing for a casual player, but then again the multiplier has always been confusing for a new or casual player. They think that 4x means 4x the initial damage, and not 4x red gems or whatever and each gives just those four points. I feel like there’s an easier way to express the multipliers.

When we fixed King Mikhail’s spell so the bonus damage was applying correctly, it caused that x6 boost ratio to appear.

Hi @Nimhain! When’s Troop Crafting so I can basically binge-farm souls so I can have the rest of my mythics?

Thank you for the response.