King Mikhail - Enraged extra damage absent - and clarification req'd

King Mikhail - “Explode a row. Deal 17 to all enemies. Deal 6 more if I am enraged.”

Firstly, should the enraged extra damage be just a total of 6 extra damage or (as I suspect) be 17+6 = 23 to all enemies.

Either way the enraged extra damage is not happening. I have him on the top (+3 to all skills) and he does 20 damage to all whether enraged or not.
Easiest to spot is when there is only 1 troop left. Just does 20 - not 26 or 20+6

iOS - iPad Air 2


It shows as +8 on the PC version and also doesn’t apply the bonus.


We have fix for King Mikhail’s spell coming on Monday (we found the problem with his spell).

Also the text on PC is wrong, it’s +6 damage if I’m enraged. That will get fixed at the same time.


Thanks Nimhain :grinning:
Going the extra (Sunday) mile I see :+1:

btw Is that going to be +6 damage to all (17+6) or +6 overall.

The damage works so if King Mikhail is enraged it should apply the damage as (17+6) to all enemies.

Rather than 2 lots of damage (like a Ranger’s spell would).


It is only +6, not +8? That’s a bummer.
At least i got to know that info in time to not waste event keys this week…