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Gorgotha and Emperor Korvash posible bug (solved)

Well is not a really problem for me, but there is a bug in this 2 troops in his respective skull defense.

I mean that sometimes suffers the skull damage of my Emperor Korvash, but if they have the 3 abilities may have skull reduction. Maybe others troops with similar defense had the same problem.

 The example is this:

            first skull attack I do Gorgotha 6 damage
            second skull attack I do 6 damage  to Gorgotha 
            third skull attack I do 24 damage to Gorgotha

My first troop now is Emperor Korvash and do 24 damage.

Don´t have any image at the moment but try to get one.

Thanks in advance.

Emperor Khorvash has a trait that stuns enemies on 4+ gem matches. If you don’t have that, his ability also stuns the first slot. You disabled Granite Skin without a bug.

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I think Gorgotha was stunned when you did third skull attack. Was it 5 match skull? That’s 24 khorvash attack + 2 more skulls = 26 damage.

EK trait = stun random enemy on 4/5 gem matches.

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ok I think what that they get stunned for the ability.

I will be aware if there is something else.

Thanks to both.