Kill 750 Troops in PvP for the Event? Seriously?

I’m not a big fan of PvP (I usually stop playing PvP after reaching Rank 1), and dislike the Events of killings troops in PvP only. But I took it.
Raising the bar to 750 troops seems just ridiculus time-intense to me.

Until now, i always fought the right-side enemy in PvP, but i stopped this week. I set 4 Firebombs as a defense to helper other players to grind through the Event faster and now always take the left-side enemy to speed things up.

Was that really the intention of the change? To annoy players enough to quit the competetive PvP just to speed up the grind?


I dislike ranked PvP as well but I like that they are making the weekly events longer. It’s optional and it gives better rewards I don’t see a down side here


Just destroy 188 of one trophy opponents as quickly as possible, you can do that in a couple of hours. It’s easy AF

They upped the rewards as well, but yes, my guess is that they took a look at the snotstone events (which hand out Gems, their premium currency, at the high end) and decided too many people were succeeding; so they put the last tier out of reach for all but the most dedicated players.


I like the increase, more rewards for things I would have probably done anyway. I usually finish the events on day one, it took me two days this time!

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this one was easy if you like pvp cause you could kill anything and it give you a snotpoints but when it will be more restricted, like kill a specific color or type it will be a real pita

yeah, those will be more of a pain for sure. more casual player will have trouble with that I think

750 troops are not hard to beat at all.

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Play casual pvp, refresh for 50 gold & kill all the weaker ones, I was done Monday using that method :+1:t2:

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187.5 fights if you only get 4 each time, ironic?


I’m still using the same method to rip through it this week for the extra traitstones too. Cba with ranked…

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What’s cba?

Can’t be arsed

I am liking the “nerf” to TDS, I fact I seek him out, can get 6 stones per battle.
It’s really not that hard, plus more PvP, more gold for guild tasks

Ordinarily, this would equate to an extra ~30 minutes of time spent at the end of the week, since I’m usually pretty close to 150 PvP wins after doing a weekly seals run. Also note that some of the more… for lack of better word, annoying events like “hunt a troop type in one specific mode” where it was nearly impossible to make steady progress sometimes will no longer be a thing (but treasure hunt still will be, much to the chagrin of many people). Overall, I think this version will end up being preferable.

After the introduction of raids, though, I’m going to have trouble finishing either seals or the event if I intend to play every raid battle to the best of my ability. Regardless, I like that the rewards are available, even if they might are out of reach for me personally - the games reward structure needs enough stuff to do where a casual-but-dedicated player (say, <1 hr per day avg) has enough stuff to do before reaching the rewards softcap (in this case: daily dungeons > PvP t1 > normal guild tasks > 1500 seals > event, all which can be completed within the 3 hour mark of the week, + guild wars for another 90 minutes). The danger is raising this softcap too high, where you drive people in the casual range into burnout range because they don’t want to “leave rewards on the table”, since the game has conditioned them to be able to get them all already and that we need every single tiny fraction of resources given to advance collections.

tl;dr: Raising the bar a bit will work out long term, but they could have picked a better time to introduce it.


I’m at the point in raid that I don’t even try to win the match just kill the boss then let the other troops kill me so raid is not taking that long anymore. The rewards are not worth wasting the time on. Has left plenty of time for PvP event. Drake rider teams are great to find 8 snot stones in one match.

I finished the weekly PvP event and just used sunbird x fire bomb x fire bomb x ogryn in casual PvP to get the remaining snotstones.

I’m dreading the next treasure hunt event. 7500 turns is gunna take all week.

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Treasure hunt events will not be changed. Sirrian said so in the patch notes for 3.3.

Oh thank god.