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Key bundle price inconsistency?

So, a couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend about the Key Bundle. This is what I was seeing:

Currently there’s a Big Key Bundle for sale, this is what I’m seeing:

So exactly 2x of keys for 2.333x the cost; VIP Points don’t really count since they’re directly tied to cost.

All other shop transactions improve the ratio the more you buy… this seems to be a mistake. Is it? I feel like the Big Key Bundle should cost $24.99 to be more in line with everything else.


Look up the word: Monopolization and you will understand the reason for the pricing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:rolling_eyes: Thanks for the 7th grade economics lesson.

If they’re trying to trick their playerbase, fine. But knowing them, it feels like an honest mistake. Hence my genuine curiosity.


Except that’s not entirely fair, for several reasons.

This is one of the best F2P games out there insofar as you can obtain everything without paying one red cent, and quickly too if you’re in a top guild. If the dev team were trying to shake every penny from our pockets, they’d routinely add overly powerful consumables and durables to the store, and then only those with money would win.

Additionally, there are alternative F2P Match-3s similar to Gems of War. If the pricing were enough to drive consumers away, they’d go to one of those instead. This isn’t like a utility company or transportation company or some other crucial service for which the term “monopoly” typically applies. To qualify under that term, there’d have to be a severe hardship upon consumers who decided not to pay. That’s not the case here, obviously.


It’s not inconsistency, it’s a time-limited offer.

Compare any in-game bundle to the New User Bundles, those Bundles are excellent deals but are time-limited.

Could you wait until the regular Key Bundle shows up again? Sure! But you’ll miss out on using them for this week’s event. Time-limited offers are pretty regular motivators in the mobile gaming market.


Arent time limited events ordinarily the opposite of whats happened here? i.e. ‘this week only, for twice the price you will get 3 times the content’… what good is having the cheaper option as the better deal when it turns people off spending more money the next week.

Personally, I cannot fathom why anyone would purchase either of those packs.

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Agree with OP, i actually bought the regular key bundle and was thinking of getting the big one, but there’s an ‘inconsistency’ in the pricing. It should be $25-30 at most, not $35, so I didn’t get it, unfortunately.

Or leave the price the same and increase the number of keys.

Not that I would buy it. Holding off to see what sort of bundles they offer for the new kingdom.

I bet @Sirrian did it unintentionally. It makes no sense and they tend not to do the sorts of devious pricing tricks this implies. This is the one F2P game where I give the dev team the benefit of the doubt. Honest mistake, I say, and correcting it would be easy.

Yup - that just looks like my mistake when entering the data into the store… the $15 pack was ACTUALLY supposed to have less keys in it… the Big Key Bundle has been around at this price on and off for a couple of months. Next time we have one of those packs, I’ll make sure amounts have been corrected.


I assume that means buffing the Big Key Bundle :wink:

I left my response open-ended on purpose :smiling_imp:… might be a little of column A, a little of column B… we’ll see

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There’s nothing wrong with having an extra good deal if you limit it to one purchase.

So it’s no longer a flat ratio comparison with the regular Key Bundle; gotta compare the ratios on a key-type-by-key-type basis. Here’s that analysis as well as a comparison to the previous Big Key Bundle.

50 => 65 Gold Keys; 2.6x Key Bundle
40 => 50 Glory Keys; 2.5x Key Bundle
30 => 35 Gem Keys; 2.333x Key Bundle
20 => 25 Event Keys; 2.5x Key Bundle

Reminder: the cost of the Big Key Bundle is 2.333x that of the regular Key Bundle.