Price discrepancies PC-Android

I see the argument has been aired before but I want to point out that far from being readressed (“soon”, at the beginning of 2016) it has gotten worse to a point it need to be explained.

Price for a mini VIP pack, PCPC
That’s 4,99 dollars. That’s 4,24 euros as of today exchange rate.

Price for a mini VIP pack, Android
That’s 5,99€. That’s 7,05 dollars. SEVEN DOLLARS. Instead of five. It’s almost a 20% difference.

I’m not interested in the vagaries of different “prices” in gold or gems for the various item in the shop. But we are talking real money here. It’s the stuff you work for and then use to put food on the table and pay taxes. Yes, in Europe too.

Any explanation, preferably before “soon”?

The prices are all over the map depending on where you live as well. I have a fellow member from Australia and he pays over 45% MORE for ALL items in the shops than I do in Canada. The US members pay about around the same to 20% less depending on the “item” it a complete mystery to me how these prices are established and different for each region.

I find this super-interesting because it doesn’t seem to be based on location? I’m not sure. I’m in Germany, Europe, so I should pay in Euro. But I don’t. I pay in Dollar (and with that, the cheaper price). My Steam account knows I’m in Germany, my Paypal is in Germany, but I have all languages everywhere set to English. Still, that’s no reason why I shouldn’t be charged Euro. Not that I’m complaining. Just saying that I think it’s about device more than location.

It’s a discrepancy between PC and Mobile. Steams allows you to pay in dollars and then correctly converts dollars in euros. Also even playing in your language prices stay in dollars.

Is he on PC or mobile?
My GM says he has different prices again, a little less than Euro ones, I think in krones.

This has been reported (by me even) and like this (Same account that is Linked / Different accounts that are not linked)

Back in July


PC English US
Daily Gems - $4.99
Stack $4.99
Bag $9.99
Chalice $19.99
Chest $49.99
MotherLoad $99.99

Android English US
Daily Gems $4.99
Stack $4.82
Bag $9.65
Chalice $19.99
Chest $48.27
MotherLoad $96.54

Yes, I did read your post. It was to be looked into “soon”, right?
It’s just not the same magnitude, here we are talking about a price of 5.99€ against 4.99$
It’s a 20% more.
How much does the mini Vip Pack in Android English US?

Android $4.99/$4.99 PC

The only price difference I found were the Gems.

Everything else matched price wise (Subscriptions, Weekly Events, Specials, Offers)
@Cyrup can you find out why this is?

That’s… interesting. I wonder what happens on console.

I’m on PS4 and we took some screen shots (they are on my PSN not sure how to get them on here though) We were doing comparisons when they had the Gem sale a few weeks back. For myself in Canadian it was $99.99 cdn for my fellow guild mate in Oz land it was $150.95 AUD (I’m looking at the screen shot right now). At that time that converted to $146.42 CDN (today at our current exchange it is even worse $148.02).

I can check with our UK and US members and see how they are pricing out compared to Canadian as well (From what I’ve read some things are cheaper some are not).


This is even worse than the euro/mobile situation. I’d LOVE to hear an explanation.

@Saltypatra @Cyrup - would love to know what the scoop on the price diff in gems