Both real world and gem price discrepancies between PC and Mobile

So I’ve always just milled my souls out with a combination of Valk, Necromancy, and more recently Pharos-Ra but a guildmate just bought a bunch of souls to help get some kingdoms up to five stars and became extremely irate when they noticed it would have been cheaper to do so on PC than on Android. That got me looking and there are actually quite a lot of price differences. These are PC screenshots with the mobile screenshots pasted in

So Souls, our starting point, actually changes benefits depending on which version you are in.

Gold on the other hand is all PC’s way.

But the part I find most disturbing is the real world currency difference. Chalice is the same in both versions incidentally.


Which country are you in / what currency is your AppStore/PlayStore in? (For mobile purposes) and what currency is your Steam account in?

US, USD, USD. And for extra validity I turned off my VPN before gathering data. And the guildmate in question is also from the US.

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I am seeing the same thing from my account - Prices do not match for Gems


PC/Steam (same account)

Differences for gems
Mobile bag of 50 = $4.82 / PC $4.99
Mobile bag of 100 = $9.65 / PC $9.99
Mobile bag of 650 = S48.27 / PC $49.99
Mobile bag of 1500 = $96.54 / PC $99.99

And the opposite issue PC is cheaper than Mobile for Gold

PC side

Mobile side

Then souls are more expensive on PC side except for the 18,000 - Go figure

PC Side

Mobile side


Our team is currently looking into this issue.


This particular issue is concerning PC and Mobile.

I knew that. (I didn’t)

Just seeing if you were paying attention Salty.

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I’m always paying attention! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d really appreciate if you forgot this ever happened and didn’t tell anyone about it.

Reputation and such. :grin:

Sorry for derailing a bit, I’m leaving.


Console is identical to PC
Console also gives you 75 vip pts for the 5 dollar vip pack.



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