Just so you know devs

The Earth being flat makes more sense than Lycanthropy NOT transforming troops into half their level and making them become untraited.

I think you already know how dumb it is that Lycanthropy doesn’t count as a death. But rather than admit it as a bug due to lack of QA… You’re choosing the idiocracy stance instead. Because in 2021 it’s somehow better to look ignorant than admit a mistake.


We’re definitely not on a fairytale goofy spinning globe. LOL

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This being firmly and repeatedly indicated NOT A BUG does make me wonder if there’s stuff coming later in the campaign that will use lyco effects more deliberately.


Flat earth, round earth, any kind of earth. Until we find that Mass Device [spoiler](Ntoo, G.i. Joe Cartoon vs teh Game), this the only inhabitable planet we got.

I like the lady from Kill Bill Vol 1: They no. They no that we no. They no that we no that they want us to no. And still “no action”. Yeah, i muffed it, m’bad

I went to Twitter to continue the conversation with the Minecraft developer that was here while I was on a break. @NerdieBirdie had initiated it (thanks for that, btw), I merely tried to continue the dialogue. Am I the best person for that role? (Cringy) Rhetorical Cringe, but how many others did? I’m just filling a vacuum until someone more qualified takes over. Maybe 45 or 46 has some free time. jk? J.K. Simmons, since Starz refuses to make a third season of Counterpart.

I’m a Gamer, I game, that’s what like to do, that’s what I do best. But I try to be other roles as well, Recruiter, Ambassador, etc. I am not present 24/7 in Global, and I wasn’t even “active” on Gems at the time. I was off enjoying other games (allegedly).

G r r r, from this day, until my last day. G r r r.

I tried to point out the reasons why players might enjoy Gems, (Get to play a family oriented games across Generations, can play daily, or weekly, or monthly…etc. We could have a conversation as to why we play. In fact, older Gem players already have. I won’t reopen that thread, no worries. :grinning:

I don’t know if anyone reached out to that individual on XBox Global Chat, if he was a member of a Guild, if he attempted to Solo thru the campaigns. I played for a month and a half before I sought a Guild. (I’m chunky mono, the biggest…I was wrong then, U no U no me, U no U do) He could have been a loud voice for change, maybe he still was by walking away. I don’t want to walk away. If I leave, would anyone follow? And then I lose all the relationships i’ve built here over the years.

Friends, Adversaries, Blue Mana Users: Lend me your Ears. Honest question, Has @Lorien1973 left the Gems Elevator? This game is our safe space, much like an elevator can be.

I really enjoyed his poking, I never took offense, and i hope he didn’t take offense at mine. Instead of the line “Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria”, perhaps we could be “Elvses and Orcses, Whales and Leeches (me), living together, mass rejoicing”. I got off brand last week, and this community, this wonderful community brought me back. The change with me began in Feb. There is more that unites us than what tears us apart, internally, externally.

We had a Learning Opportunity with that individual that Walked Away. Let’s make that a Teachable Moment for those of the community that find OUR forum too toxic.

Divide < Debate < Dialogue < Conversation < Understanding.

Let’s lower our shields and axes, except during GW. It’s on XBox b1, next week, all those times (Leave your guild and join a b1 guild). Oh it is so on. Looking forward to the battles, even if I lose all mine.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: My biggest smile yet, and I’m sure it’ll be bigger next week. Mak’Gora.

Bethlehem Steel, Bethlehem PA. I went to Lehigh University, I’d like my money back. No Refunds No Returns, fine. Whatever. Check out what happened when the Union said “Here, shut up and take our $” to save the Production Facility. The LT (“Leadership Team”) took it and gave themselves bonus $. “Well played, LT, well played”.

Opposite Extreme: Teachers Unions here in the States. San Fran school board, “Parents just want their Baby-sitters back”. I’m sorry, but if that’s all Teachers are, baby-sitters? Not “Educators”, welp, that’s on Us. And I know a great many teachers who are educators. I’m just being Word Salad Man again, but to illustrate a point.

If we work together to make a positive change on the pricing, increase in foot traphic, MOAR and better coders in AU, oh wait, they want this game to die…then we all migrate, like a herd, or a Horde, to a game that will listen. We are many, there are many games as well. Off-topic? I’m still working on myself.

Song today I got in my head, Walking Away by Clint Black. I don’t want to turn my back on y’all. Y’all my Gems Family. My non-Gems brother be Heavy. Y’all listen, not because it’s your job. I know it’s not. Y’all do it because you care, and I do too. Luv U all. Be at peace. This post was after the GW Empowered, for people curious about the time-lines. I’m done for today, I’m off to find moar Lost Dogs, drinking some coffee on my way to Waflle House. :+1: