Just Here To Say...Thanks +2!

So this may seem a bit more somber or whatever, but I feel like people only complain about developers and publishers when it comes to games, rarely ever thanking them for what they have created and done for us. In light of that, I wanted to make a topic where I shared the things I’m grateful for that +2 has done for me, and where anyone else is welcome to also share why they are grateful for +2.

I’ll list my list of thanksgiving here:

  • For first taking the risk of making a Match 3 game also a Turn-Based RPG

  • For successfully creating the Puzzle Quest series/franchise

  • For making a game I can play and enjoy that my mother can relate with, as she loves Match 3 games

  • For giving a way for my old roommate and I to bond, as he had fallen in love with Puzzle Quest 2

  • For making a Free-To-Play version of their old Puzzle Quest series with just enough spice to suck me in

  • For making their FTP game balanced when it comes to paying users vs free users

  • For continuing to make amazing content that changes weekly

  • For continuing to make amazing content with the big patches

  • For keeping in touch with their player-base, unlike a lot of other companies

  • For making these forums as a place for us to create our own little community

  • For not going crazy like some companies do when their assets show up within fair-use content, but rather supporting it (ashtender.com/gems/, Youtube and Twitch content, the entire Community Content Category).

I have two last ones, but the are bigger, the first one being the fact that not only was my Twitch Channel link added to a list by GoW staff themselves, but that they liked my tweet and actually showed up into my stream for a bit, even though I’m not some big Twitch Fat-Cat streamer. I’m sure they were the only ones there, yet they interacted with me, some dumb loud guy who gets to hyped around a Match 3 game and has a crappy mic. As someone who loves your game in a way that MAAAAY be a bit unhealthy (which I can’t help, as it jams in my ‘be creative’ button), it means a lot to me that you would even remotely care when I can’t really give you good advertisement or make you money. I hope to be there someday, but as of right now it’s just a pipedream…

The other is that you guys pretty much made a card that I asked for, which I’ll link my original idea post here, but basically I asked for a card that buffed your whole team’s armor and summoned something that hurt itself to provide a useful effect. Now as you can see in my post, I asked for other things like having the card be Green/Brown and be a Construct, and I had a different way of going about it…but the basic premise made it through.

Those cards are…Royal Engineer and Bombot!

Now these may not look like much to you in terms of strong cards, but they are pretty decent, and have amazing synergy. Heck, there is so much synergy just within Royal Engineer himself: bonus red mana available to two of the Mechs he can summon, gives all the Mechs can summon more life, and even gives himself and other possible Humans more life. He also makes Tankbot 2000 and Flame Cannon that much tankier, as well as more potential damger for Bombot, and that’s not even mentioning how the Mechs he can summon have synergy together as well.

I have a team with both Royal Engineer and Bombot in it, dubbed ‘Thanks +2’, and that team will never leave my side for as long as I end up playing GoW.

Thanks so much guys, you’re really freakin awesome! :slight_smile:


Oh thank you so much @ForsakenM! This was so lovely.

I really enjoyed popping into your stream earlier to say hello. You looked like you were having so much fun playing Gems of War. It was infectious!

I’d love to catch more of your Gems of War streams in the future, so please make sure to let us know when you’re broadcasting. :slight_smile:


Fore sure… thanks for a great game!


What else can we say? @ForsakenM says is all. Thanks to all our wonderful Devs that work to create something for us to enjoy!

No matter the complaints, suggestions, and crazed people-business, we do it because we care about our/your game.


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I will never miss an opportunity to drop kudos on the amazing devs of GoW!!!

Thank you @Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Saltypatra, and everybody I am forgetting to ping for creating such an outstanding game and by extension this truly incredible community!

GoW FtW! :wink: