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Yoooo lez go +2!


What is UP Gem Junkies! ForsakenM is BACK IN THE BUILDING! Well, sort of anyway. So as maybe like two of you know, I went on a break just because I wasn’t enjoying playing the game anymore: it felt like a chore, and in many ways that is still kinda true when it comes to meeting guild demands and some of the new modes, but gee Wizz-Bang if I’m not happy to be back!

In as much of a summary as I can, essentially I was feeling a similar hole and lack of enjoying myself as most of the games coming out didn’t impress me, so I sat there one day wondering what the Hellcackle I should be playing when it dawned on me that I dropped a game I once loved from a developer who made one of my favorite franchises and genres of all time!

Needless to say I re-downloaded GoW to my PS4 and crimey was I blown away: Five new kingdoms, tons of new troops, new troop types, new mechanics, new weapons, new classes, new minigames for both guilds and solo, AND they introduced a new way to craft troops, weapons, and trait stones PLUS a mode that feeds this crafting engine AND resets on the daily?! AND the reworked how Class Talents work in a way that I was pushing for a time?! +2 is putting WORK into this game and really listening to the players, I can tell, so it was time to come back…except not really.

I have to study for school and I really need to buckle down as I’ve been slacking, and once I start school it’s a bootcamp crash course that will stuff all the knowledge I need into me within three months. And I thought GoW had a lot of content to experience! :wink:

So unfortunately I can’t work on streaming/making content or joining a guild at this moment but I REALLY want to soon because this game just keeps getting better and better…though I have noticed a couple things that MAYBE aren’t intended and should be fixed, but I’ll save that for later. I’ve also got some ideas I would like to present to the GoW staff, but once again, I’ll save that for later.

For now…let’s get that Glory, stack though Trophies on our shelves, and get ready to Mana Surge with excited at what else +2 has in store for this amazing game! :raising_hand_man:

ForsakenM, OUT~!


I’m a bit confused at first what is +2 supposed to mean, then I recalled that the developer of this awesome game is Infinity Plus Two. I thought it have something to do with weapon upgrade. Or… the name is refering to Infinity Gauntlet forged with 2 Infinity Ingots Stones after all. :smile:

Anyway, welcome back ForsakenM! I hope you find the great guild to join for enhance gaming experience. Enjoy your stay! ^^