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Thank you, GOW

The longer I play this game, the more I become aware, how much I enjoyed the sort of free browsergames in the 00s, that were made as personal passion projects, not a business model to suck out addicts.
Games that were not optimised on creating addictions, weren’t hooking up players 24 hours a day so that they don’t get the idea to spend any time and money on other games. Games, that still left room for a living community to grow. Games, that actually were made to be fun to play.
Games, whose devs barely (in the best case) got their server expenses back in through player donations.
Games, that were there, before the cow clickers took over.

Thanks to the constant reminder through GOW, that free games today are awful, but have not always been, I recently went back to send a very belated monetary thank you to the maker of a game, that I enjoyed a lot in 03-08 (and that sadly shut down 14).

Once again, thank you for showing me, how much others have given in years before without expecting a reward; thank you for highlighting their selflessness through your greed.
You do not deserve my money, but others did and still do.