Just want to thank the devs

Just wanted to drop by and thank Infinite Interactive for this game, loved puzzle quest and I was very hesitant at first to try this because it was free to play. Now that I’ve tried it and after 30 hours I still haven’t felt the need to pay anything for what is mostly a single player experience. I decided to drop some money on the monthly deal anyway to support the devs for this.


You’re actually not wholly supporting (just) the developers, but mostly just the publisher.

But the devs get to keep their job if the publisher is satisfied the game is engaging players and motivating purchases. It’s true that if someone bought $1,000,000 worth of gems Sirrian probably wouldn’t get a raise proportional to that. It’s also true if the game had zero purchases for six months Sirrian et al would either be moved to a new project or told to find another publisher.

That’s how stuff works in this crazy world. The people at the top get the biggest cut, and what they let trickle down often has nothing to do with the proportion of value they extract from their employees.


“Hey new member of the community, let’s welcome you by telling you that you’re wrong.”

Why? Just why?

And yes, @Slypenslyde is right.

OP (original poster) let’s try this again.

Welcome to the community and I’m glad to hear your enjoying GoW! :grinning:
I am in no way a developer or part of the publisher. But as a fellow GoW fan. I appreciate your patronage just the same! :grinning:


While we’re thanking the devs for junk, here’s a tiny QoL thing I noticed recently:

I get to keep my phone on my desk all day. I religiously look for the notifications that tribute’s ready. For some reason, I’d often get a notification my tribute was ready, but I’d have to check mail or play a PvP match or restart the game to actually be able to collect the tribute. The same was true of pet rescues, it was very common I’d get the notification but couldn’t participate in the thing the game was telling me was active.

Somewhere in the last few weeks they fixed that. Now, if the game tells me there’s something happening, when I open the game it’s happening. Nice!

also wanted to thank the devs very much if any of them happen to read this! been itching for a matching puzzler and it’s always refreshing to see more free-to-play games with ethical pay models w/ lots of content and love poured into it (the switch has so many, it’s a good time for free-to-play console games)

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