Just got "cytryruzzz"

Is he really a good epic? And what is a good team building around him?


Cthyryzyx is pretty random and fun. He can be a bit of a power house at lower levels of play but I haven’t really seen any blockbuster builds with him but I’m still a noob. Unfortunately his chaotic nature can hurt you as much as your enemy so he’s really risky to use but if you like playing dangerously the he’s the one be for you.

He is pretty much an unused card due to his random nature. Definitely a fun troop to mess around with, but not really worth the souls to raise his level and use in a team.

Thanks. Not the answer I was hoping for. :frowning:

I actually use him to good effect in my anti-goblin team: Hero (goblinhammer), Cthyryzyx, Green Slime, Green Seer. I’m still working on leveling my Keeper of Souls and Bone Dragon, which are the traditional couples with Ole Slimey, so I use his purple to instead feed Cthyryzyx. I like his self buff, and it helps a lot to put him closer to par with those crazy goblins. My hero is there for one or two good, heavy hits, and otherwise serves as a meat shield until I can get Slime and Cthyryzyx buffed enough to stand on their own. With Green Seer, I can get enough green on the board so that once Slime fires off, he can usually charge both purple users, or at least Cthyryzyx and some of Green Seer.

Yes, his spell is a bit random, and occasionally he hands the enemy a good turn, but in my mind the buffs counter that to a certain extent. Sadly his buff doesn’t scale with magic, like Slime’s does, but 8 per cast to any stat is decent. And anyway, if he falls too, and it’s down to just Slime and Green Seer, the two of them mostly just go back and forth casting their spells and filling each other up, and Slime’s attack is usually so large at this point that it only takes a few skull matches to clean up.

I can and do lose with this team to fully traited and maxed out goblin teams, but none of my troops are fully traited or max level, so I figure it’s just how it will go until I get to that point too.

Anyways, I like Cthyryzyx despite his randomness. If you can build a team that will readily feed his spell so he can use it a lot (Valkyrie, for example, would do well for this), he will do well, and can hit pretty hard. But he is a bit random and uncontrollable. Hope that helps!