Cthyryzyx Update forgotten

Just a quick thought.

Orion has been updated several weeks ago in terms of his random damage ability (Deal X-Y damage…).
His lower border of the damage range has been changed to scale of magic.
I just think Cthyryzyx should work the same way. It’s the same mechanic.

That’s all.


The spell would still be fairly uncastable regardless of lower bound scaling. The 50% board shuffle effect will almost never be advantageous to you because you always give up the turn while potentially setting up 4/5 matches for the AI, which is not worth it for the pitiful upper bound on the spell - it just simply isn’t worth the risk when it can’t even threaten the kill, even if you get lucky, and can cause you to hand a board to the AI that can cause a loss. At the very least, he needs to gain an extra turn when his board shuffle triggers, so he can still be kinda random (chaotic by design, thats what they are going for) but not have the randomness always be disadvantageous to you. Plus, the fixed 8 skill gain value is very low and should be subject to at least half magic scaling, possibly 4 to magic skill gain.


@peterix I think you will enjoy working through and adding to this thread: Troop Buff A-H Thread With Summary

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@Jainus Thanks. I’ve already submitted a nice deal of votes in that thread.
… Is there an H-Z version of the thread? Or something similar to it?

Because there’s a lot of ideas that people (myself included) get, but I’m afraid it will get messy if I just start getting back to troops already discussed there or getting ahead to troops that haven’t been mentioned, yet.

When Cthyryzyx balance is concerned as @Mithran discussed, that is a subject more broad. I merely intended to point out that developers forgot to update this little fella.
When it comes to balance, I strongly believe the Board Jumble should give an extra turn. I’d start using the troop immediately just for the fun. That would feel like insanity aesthetic-wise and wouldn’t really be OP for his low damage output, and only on a 50% chance.
I’d buy that change anyday.

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It will be continuing through the alphabet when I/we finish to the end of ‘H’… feel free to add thoughts on any of the troops done so far… @Ashasekayi was kindly summarising them for us into the top of the thread…

Dear Cathy’s rework will most likely happen with a Karakoth kingdom rework.

We don’t have an ETA when that will be though currently.


Like this.

Don’t like this.

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Well currently we have Grosh-Nak and Khaziel kingdom reworks at the top of our list.

After we’re done those we’ve review kingdoms to see which kingdoms are next highest on the list.


War sphincter is a a better board jumbler. Maybe cthy should get TWO extra turns. That would be a better idea because it’d be unique.

@Dan_ozzzy189 2 extra turns could become too powerful for an Epic, in my opinion. Cthy would be unique in having that risk/reward random sense. His traits are arguably better for an offense troop (+8 to attack helps).

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I don’t know if my memory is faulty, but I’m pretty sure when I started playing on PS4 at the beginning of 2016, you could get two extra turns from Boar Rider if you used his spell to destroy a row and make a vertical 4-match.

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That’s all I ever used to use! Boar rider, ragnagord and sparkgrinder and maybe alchemist, it’s so long ago I can’t remember! It was a crappy team but I used it all the time! Lol, my how times have changed!

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My earliest go-to team used to be Luther, Boar Rider, Moloch, Lady Saphira. It had a little bit of everything and good mana coverage. Seldom use any of them anymore, but it was a good team for a long time for me.

Welcome to Gems of War: Anatomy Edition


Earliest team I can remember was Eternal Flame, Sheggra, Webspinner and Boar rider. Was a lot of fun at the time and I was very low level. Webspinner would win match by himself lol.

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