Knockin' on Dwarven Doors (PC/Mobile and Console)

No Khaziel rework?


Yeah I was hoping for some Dwarf Lord and Bombardier love.

Me too was hoping for a little Dwarf rework.

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Not this week, but it’s on the cards.


Thanks @Saltypatra, these little dwarves deserve some love!

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With the current number of kingdoms, we should have less than 2 events by year by kingdom…
So Khaziel will be reworked for a patch or for its next event… in 6 months…

Just remind this one:

Let me be the third person to mention summer imp. Can the devs please respond? This would be the first imp not released in a glory pack if it isn’t mentioned. I don’t want to wait a year to be able to mythic it.

I clicked on the event tab and the game crashed. Ps4, anyone else?

Got Stonehammer, Gorgotha, and the new Legend in one 50 event chests pull ^^

nice pull


Clicking on the event tab crashes the game on ps4
@Saltypatra @Sirrian

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Very nice! :smiley: Imagine the feeling if you didnt have Stonehammer beforehand.

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Hey console players, we are looking into this issue now.

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Are you PC/mobile? I just spent 180 event keys, winning three Gorgothas and four Celestial traitstones, but no Highforges. He’s in event chests for me, right?

PC/Mobile confirmed, Yes.

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Are the event boosts supposed to say “+{0}%”

Ditto. Guild mates are saying same.

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288 event keys to get a single King Highforge… :frowning:

I did get a second Stonehammer though… :slight_smile:

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330, but no mythics.

Are we not getting Guild War back this week?

Should be, I’d wait a bit and see. GW related stuff is usually processed a bit later than reset.