Knockin' on Dwarven Doors (PC/Mobile and Console)

It would be awesome if StoneHammer received that Fortitude trait also.


Well he does have 2 of the traits already. Switching those for Fortitude would be a great buff plus open up another trait slot for something better.

Nah, just give him the regular Impervious trait and I’ll be fine.


Cool… dwarves get some nice power creep love…

Remind me: is King Highforge’s third trait worth one or two free mana for Dwarven Miner?

round down, always round down.

Just did the math. This would be 16 troops for Khaziel and if everyone is mythic and fully traited…

You’ll still be 70 points shy of 9*. What a tease.

A kingdom will need 17 troops to reach that 9* (with 10 points to spare.) 20 troops will get you to 10*

Believe me, the spoiler threads will be all over the first Kingdom that will get 17 (or 20) troops well before Sirrian’s event announcement.


No Khaziel rework?


Yeah I was hoping for some Dwarf Lord and Bombardier love.

Me too was hoping for a little Dwarf rework.

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Not this week, but it’s on the cards.


Thanks @Saltypatra, these little dwarves deserve some love!

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With the current number of kingdoms, we should have less than 2 events by year by kingdom…
So Khaziel will be reworked for a patch or for its next event… in 6 months…

Just remind this one:

Let me be the third person to mention summer imp. Can the devs please respond? This would be the first imp not released in a glory pack if it isn’t mentioned. I don’t want to wait a year to be able to mythic it.

I clicked on the event tab and the game crashed. Ps4, anyone else?

Got Stonehammer, Gorgotha, and the new Legend in one 50 event chests pull ^^

nice pull


Clicking on the event tab crashes the game on ps4
@Saltypatra @Sirrian

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Very nice! :smiley: Imagine the feeling if you didnt have Stonehammer beforehand.

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Hey console players, we are looking into this issue now.

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