Events Menu Bugged

I was playing the game last night and everything was fine, I come on the game today and after it gave me my daily bonuses everything went blurry like there was supposed to be a popup or something and I couldn’t do anything, so I switched the game off and on again and I can get on the menu but every time I go on the Events menu it goes blurry for a while then I get the popup “Server Issues: Your connection to the server has timed out. Please try again later”

Can you tell me why i’m getting this, it a bug that came with the new event this week?

Known bug, devs are looking into it

Oh good at least it’s not a problem on my end, thanks

My PS4 (pro not sure if that matters) keeps crashing to desktop as soon as I try to go into the shop and look at anything. It’ is also showing the dwarf bonus at 0 currently ?