Knockin' on Dwarven Doors (PC/Mobile and Console)

Are you PC/mobile? I just spent 180 event keys, winning three Gorgothas and four Celestial traitstones, but no Highforges. He’s in event chests for me, right?

PC/Mobile confirmed, Yes.

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Are the event boosts supposed to say “+{0}%”

Ditto. Guild mates are saying same.

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288 event keys to get a single King Highforge… :frowning:

I did get a second Stonehammer though… :slight_smile:

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330, but no mythics.

Are we not getting Guild War back this week?

Should be, I’d wait a bit and see. GW related stuff is usually processed a bit later than reset.

Opening ten at a time, got king in second set. Time to quit whilst I’m ahead

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Event fixed.


Yes I thought I’d try for Stonehammer

271 keys - 3 Highforge, 6 Gorgotha, 0 Stonehammer.

Oh well!!


But on my screen it says GW starts in six days tho?

Try restart the game, I just upgraded my sentinels here.

Oh I can upgrade too, but it just shows in the Register tab that GW starts in 6 days…

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Ah, got it now.

I’m ranked pretty high in the unlucky players this week :
356 event keys
4 Gorgothas (wich I already had to mythic)
1 King Highforge (wich I got on the last 50 pack)
0 Stonehammer (wich I still don’t have)

Tell me someone had it worse so I can feel better about my “luck”

So far 250 event keys 1 King Highforge. But I’m not surprised. My luck is stink.

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Khaziel bundle for 50$ has Gorgotha and not the new troop. Is there a bug? I usually don’t check these dollar-bundles :slight_smile: .

So now that we’re in sync… patch when?

430 event keys to get 7 for me.

Not good!