Just getting started on 1, need some advice!

Hello, I just got into this game a couple of days ago so I have around 6-7 hours into the game, just getting started. I have gone through the Broken Spire quests, the Adana quests, some Scale of Mists quests (Raven looks cool) and have done some challenges; that’s about it. I also paid $5 and got the Assassin Armor to help with souls, don’t mind supporting the company the game seems very well done.

Anyway I have some questions.

  1. I am in a guild but they don’t seem very active. I am probably on the casual side of things but would like to get into a good group to help out if I can. Any guilds out there that would be willing to take a noob on?

  2. What is the best way to progress through the map? Look at the free epics and plot a course accordingly?

  3. Should I do challenges now or save them for a better armor set? I have already done several in Broken Spire and a few in a Adana.

  4. What are some good very early teams/strategies? I have used Hero, Goblin, Keghammer, Luther, Sparkgrinder, Dwarf Lord , Alchemist and Star Gazer in various combos just experimenting. So many folks have very specific builds with certain legendary/epic cards but it seems like at the start synergy and strategy are better because you just don’t have the cards.

Any help here concerning the above mentioned items or other things I haven’t thought of would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!!

I would finish Broken Spire. For early game, Luther is a pretty valuable troop, and an easy-to-get Epic. After that, I’d suggest getting Tyri from Zhul’Kari (by finishing the quest line), as she’s a great source of both gold and treasure maps. These help out a lot early on.

I suppose that’s up to you. You’ve already boosted your soul intake, so you might want to start cashing in. I’d suggest spending souls on Valkyrie first, because she can then provide for everyone else with Valhalla.

The best early-game team, in my opinion, is Hero with green or (preferably) blue weapon, Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee. Unlock Adana for the Red/Yellow banner. When you get a Treant, War Sphinx, or other rarer card, you can replace the hero (though at early game the hero is really your best tank). Alch-Valk-Banshee have amazing synergy, don’t require a lot of leveling, can control the board, and all are easy to obtain.

Afterwards, you will probably want to build a goblin team, as the team benefits far outweigh their difficulty to obtain. Goblin, Boar Rider, and Goblin Shaman are all common/rare and you can get them from gold chests. Hobgoblin was recently added to console, and Goblin Rocket has been there for a while.

Welcome to the game, and have fun!


Is there a way to obtain cards other than get them from drops? There isn’t a crating system in place for the cards yet is there?

I actually got very lucky and obtained Tyri out of a glory chest so I don’t need to go get her.

If I cant get the cards another way I’ll have to hop I get lucky and unlock Valkyrie and Banshee soon.

No, no crafting system. You acquire cards via chests (gold, glory, gems) or store purchases (glory or real money). Glory purchases are usually worth it (epic and above at least) but you need quite a bit of glory to afford one. @TaliaParks is a console player who can help you decide which among the upcoming glory packs is worth saving for.

@TaliaParks, reporting for duty!

Hi Dromaa, JOSHATRON is a casual guild with no requirements other than to remain active and contribute to the guild tasks from time-to-time so we all can enjoy the additional resources.

If you wish, I can send you an invite this evening when I get home. However, you will need to leave your current guild first - in order for the invite to ‘take’. If you wish to join JOSHATRON, please send me your invite code.

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There are some GREAT tips already presented within this thread, but I also found our fellow gemmers’ community guides QUITE useful - http://community.gemsofwar.com/c/community-guides. (keep in mind, that we are one version behind the PC version of GoW, so not everything you read you will be able to deploy in our Xbox environment. But an update is coming soon to get us close again. … just in time to be one version behind again :stuck_out_tongue: )

You can also find a terrific Troop database (thank you Lyaa) at http://ashtender.com/gems/troops

As you begin to receive enough gold to open additional kingdoms, you will want to consider which kingdoms you wish to level-up first. These leveled kingdoms will increase the strength (atk/magic/life/armor) of your troops [for example, Broken Spire increases Life of each of your troops]. Many individuals will level their kingdoms according to the SKILL it provides - usually in the order Magic; Attack; Life; Armor. You can view which skill a kingdom increases within the Kingdom pane.

… of course, as you level up your kingdoms, be sure to consider balancing your gold between guild task contributions and your kingdoms :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the GoW community, hope you have fun.

Make sure that you:

  1. get into an active guild which will help you get mana mastery bonuses, gems, keys, treasure maps, and souls.
  2. save up a lot of gold to continue leveling up kingdoms.
  3. When you finish each kingdom’s missions you get a free and useful purple card.
  4. When you have done missions and want to do something else Arena is a good place to fight. If you make it through 8 fights you get a lot of gold and souls.
  5. pvp is a great way to get gold, souls, keys, maps, and glory.
  6. Try to make it to level 1 pvp each week.

good beginner strategies are to either get armor troops fast and unlock rowanne, they have good synergy (you can get alastair for instance by beating khetar, rowanne you get from forest of thorns), templar in the team aswell and you already got a proper team.

Another thing is to get sparkgrinder quick beating (i believe) adana, then use him together with hit-whole-team construct cards like flamecannon and go happy buffing them.(in a future update also add ghiralee to the party dunno when that happens though)

Just sparkgrinder and any costruct card is good for early players anyway.

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I’m taking offense that everyone is suggesting the MOST meta team builds, when you should be offering real advice. We have over 170 Troops in the game…

@Dromaa I will address you directly, point for point.

  1. ASk around, I think someone above even offered you a spot. These Forums are great for not only info, but connecting with the community.

  2. If you have a specific Epic in mind, then go for it, otherwise it doesn’t really matter which Kingdom(s) you do first.

  3. You can do Challenges that are 1-4 stars, the Soul reward is minimal, the 5-star Challenges are best to be saved for when you have an Armor that give AT LEAST 50% bonus to Souls.

  4. What Legendary and Epic cards do you currently have? I can give you several team builds based on what cards you have.

im probably the most anti meta person you could possibly find on the internet, i was giving advice that was easy to implement. Cards that can be won through beating quests. You cant expect people to just have a fair amount of the “over 170 troops” whole database.

I was going to offer some insight, but @Lyya covered everything I was going to say.

So, instead, I’m going to virtually high-five everyone here for coming out in force to welcome new players. It almost brings a tear to my eye.


Just wanted to say thank you to all who have replied; thank you very much for your assistance.
The epics I currently have are Luther, Sparkgrinder, Keghammer and Tyri.

I also have the Goblin and Goblin Shaman but I messed up and DE’ed the Boar Rider (beginner mistake) so I’ll have to wait to get that one again :rage:.

I have the Alchemist but don’t have Valkyrie or Banshee which seem to be popular combos with Alchemist.

Thanks again for any additional help!!

Just finished up another session and was wondering…is it the best use of gold to spend it on buying chests? I notice you can open 10 chests for 3000 gold. I also understand you have to budget gold in order to advance through the kingdoms and if you want to donate to your guild. Just wondering if its an acceptable way to get cards/resources early on. Thanks again guys!

Gold Chests are for when you need low level troops and traitstones as you will only get the Commons and Minors out of those (with some chance for Rare/Majors though being as you can get those in Glory Chests as well, you’d actually rather want the lower tiered items here). Nothing wrong with getting Gold Chests, but those keys drop frequently enough that you’re better off waiting til you get about 50 and bulk open.

If you have the money, you’re better off finding an active guild so your gold can be used to help everyone get Gems and Glory Keys which should help you go much futher in the long run.

IMHO, you’d be better off spending your gold on leveling up your kingdoms. Leveled up kingdoms produce more tribute chances (so, you get more resources). You also get higher mana surge numbers. Most importantly, once kingdoms reache 10, you and your troops get various skill bonuses.

As has already been mentioned, investing gold in a good guild is a smart use as well.


FIRST important thing is to unlock new kingdoms.
SECOND is to raise your kingdom levels to ~4 or 5.
THIRD is to try to join a guild, and contribute to it.
FOURTH is to buy gold chests until you can ascend all of your common cards 1 or 2 times.

New kingdoms (and doing their quest lines) gives you per-hour gold, which is critical early on, and totally unimportant later on. But it’s where you need to start. Low level players should also raise kingdom levels a bit - but don’t worry about getting them to 10. 4-6 is great.


I agree with @Mr.Strange’s priority list.

For the most part I agree with @Mr.Strange HOWEVER i thinking finding a guild after unlocking all the kingdoms should be priority over getting all kingdoms to 4-5.

I was in a guild almost immediately after playing for the first time and the benefit you get shouldn’t be understated.

By the time you are at the point where you can make enough gold to get kingdoms to 4-5, you should have a decent deck capable of winning PVP with around a 70% winrate or so (maybe better if you got good cards).

I STRONGLY recommend finding a guild ASAP after unlocking all kingdoms. The benefits you will gain will far outweight the time it takes to grind enough gold to get kingdoms to 4 or 5.

I would even go so far as to say if the guild has a minimum donation amount even better.

I will also 2nd the two decks that @Lyya mentioned as being good targets to keep you moving smoothly

Hope you like grinding kid… if you do… this is your game :slight_smile:

Great to play while watching videos or listening to podcast/audiobooks though.