Just because it's weak, it doesn't mean it can't be fun to use

I don’t know about you, fellow forum users, but I never liked to use the “best” team in any kind of game. Not only in GoW but also in other games I liked to use weapons/characters/whatever you can equip or use, that has been called useless by the respective coummunity.

Prior to 1.8 I always liked to use the Berserker-Emperina combo, because most of my GoW friends thought that the Berserker is pretty rad, because of his range damage. Same with Orion. I didn’t really care about this and gave both troops a try. Man, I even enjoyed using the Nymph along with the Alchemist and tried to entangle the entire team. For me this had been a lot of fun.

When Wild Plains came out, I wanted to take my craziness to the next level. I tried to beat the entire questline and use only Level 1 troops. After a whole week of retreating and restarting I finished the questline with Aziris/Dire Wolf/Serpent/Cockatrice with all being Level 1. It was sometimes frustrating, sometimes surprising and always fun to do this challenge. Now that traits are all over the place, this is sadly no longer possible.

I don’t like PVP much because it limits your possible team choices to those who can deal massive damage in short time. Heck, today True Shot is considered the fastest method to collect trophies. Nothing wrong about that. But sometimes I have the feeling that only few people spent time experimenting with some troops who are considered garbage. When I learned about Skeleros uselessness I instantly leveled him to 15 and farmed challenges with him.

What I also like to do is the troop roulette. I take all my Level 15+ troops into account and just randomly choose troops and try to win with that team. I did this during the Darkstone Questline and I will do this also in the next Questlines as well.

At this point (if you even read this far) you probably think I’m crazy. If you do, I achieved my goal :laughing:

TL;DR Let’s move to my questions of this topic: Do you experiment much with troops? Do you limit yourself to the best or do you give also the “underdogs” a try? Are you like me and try to avoid using popular teams?


Personally I love finding synergy in my teams. I don’t mind using the best teams if I like them.
The biggest problem I have with experimentation is my lack of souls to make them strong enough for PvP.

I use all my team slots for building and playing challenges, but for PvP I only have 2 strong teams. Then again I only have been playing 2 months.

I am Always experimenting with troops. I have true shot teams, I have teams for pure attack bonus (read, Luther in first spot with Leader, +9 to all with all magic bonuses), teams to outlast (most have stoneskin/armored) and then ones for just what I think are Cool concepts (Divine Whitehelm!)

Divine team:
Priestess (all 3 Finally!)
Paladin (all 3)
Sacred Guardian (first 2)
and: Had been Archon Statue with all 3 (stoneskin So Useful on him)
but changed to Mercy for yellow generation and some life restore. Jury is still out, Mercy Vs Archon.

made a team centered around constant skill use with a true shot person:
Centaur Scout
Star Gazer

true attack team:
Wolf Knight (all 3)
Atlanta (none yet)
Cyclops (first 1. Might have 2 (game broken right now, can’t check) )
Star Gazer (first 2 Really want #3)

What other sort of experiments have you made?

I have so many others too. :slight_smile:


I’m big on using all 6 colours in my Team. I cringe a little getting 5+ matches with colours and not charging up a Troop.

That aside, my Soul Farming Team is weird but fun in it’s own way. I t wouldn’t work in PvP though;

Adana Banner

Lance Knight
Brian the Lucky

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I like to experiment with themed teams. Like all Wildvolk or all Whitehelm troops. I need to level more troops to 15, before I can continue.

That’s one of my favorite things as well… trying to get a team of Warlock and 3 Daemons to work, or a team of Knights, etc. It was actually part of the reason we created the troop bonus system, so we could reward people with themed teams.



This is why I play. I’m in a good Guild and I take my responsibility to them very seriously. But once I’ve got to lvl 1 in PVP and made enough gold to last the week, what I want most from the game is to have fun. I love building teams around favourite troops like Hag or Green Slime and going PVP against much stronger players. When it works, if you win a match just before your last troop dies, so much fun.


The possibilities are endless. My divine team Is all whitehelm (codename Divine White). The true shot team above is all wildfolk, the possibilities are soooooo Endless. I have a Grosh Nak team (that needs Big Time Leveling) that is centered around Attack Power.

Dark Song

Ghiralee (formerly Atlanta held this spot)

@TaliaParks And trust me, I know about wishing I had all 6 colors. I cringe on some of my mana short teams, but, if they even Begin to move, they can kill Quick.

@CSZ all we can say is to Experiment! I have 20 teams formed, but I only use like 2-3 of them. Some were just put there for fun, others, so I can level and then use.

One last team, fairly easy to put together (2 epic, 1 ultra rare, 1 rare)

Undead (adana banner yellow/red)
Grave Knight
Lady Sapphira
Vampire Lord

5 colors, 2 self healers, one armor all, 3 true damage attacks. (grave knight counts as true damage…) They get rolling and they just get BIG, one of my more fun teams. Have fun experimenting CSZ!

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Soul Gatherers (code name Storm Souls):

Frost Giant

I have necromancy on Val and Merchant on Alchemist. Real Easy to hit the max 60 souls from a fight and you can make a pretty penny too. Good for farming souls and stones from challenges.

My fun team is

Boar Rider **
Drake Rider *
Dark Song
Summoner *

all Marauders and 3 from the same kingdom.


I have a defensive team that’s not terribly effective in terms of win rate but I get great joy in knowing it’s annoying for other players:

Serpent (Bl)
Dark Master (R/P)
Summoner (R/P)
Goblin King (G/Br)

Most of those teams is strong, what I consider weak is a team that rarely wins a PVP on normal.

I love my Black Beast Team:

Black Beast
Hero (Deepstone)

Eat the Hero ASAP, then use Summoner to summon Ghouls. Ghouls may or may not get their spell off before… you eat them! Rinse & repeat.

Aziris is there because you rely on skulls to actually deal damage. He conflicts with Summoner, but it’s not too big a deal.

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So why Deepstone over Anu’s Scepter? I would think the scepter would give you a more predictable generation being able to target a specific gem color?

80-90% of the time I don’t even collect any blue gems - so in most cases the hero’s weapon doesn’t matter.

I’ve had great fortune, in general, with row-destroying abilities like boar rider, deepstone, Elwyn, etc. So deepstone was a fun and effective weapon for me.

But yes, any blue/yellow weapon would be fine. I’d worry about wanting to use it… and thus NOT eating the hero ASAP… the biggest weakness in this team is if you’re unable to get that first consume off quickly enough.

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Totaly agree @CSZ i love using diffrent teams.
I even like throughing crazy random teams together. Ive been doing that since i started back in January.
Make it work
Adapt and Overcome.
It really helps me in Arena. To through junk together and rock n roll.
I play so much i can afford to experiment and lose trophies though :stuck_out_tongue:

I uses to believe as u do. 6 color teams are best. Here lately ive discovered how many mana gems i was losing.
I have Keepr of souls in 3rd spot
And Bone Dragon in 4th,
The over flow fills Bone up fast. I load both and its On
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I know brian trick is old school but it was new 2 me lol !!!

I guess i play 2 much hehe


Trust me I know about overflow, the real trick is balancing it with using as many colours as possible. My main PvP Team is based on this and I have great board control plus the ability to kill the other Team in a single turn.

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