Weakest Team Challenge

Given how easy it is to win in the current meta of GoW late game, I decided to take up @irishfury187’s challenge. The challenge is to win with the weakest possible teams that the community can compose. I will use the 3 highest up voted teams on this thread to win in PvP and post it to YouTube for your enjoyment of watching me suffer. :stuck_out_tongue:

The rules are:

  • Every troop in the team must be unique. No duplicate cards.
  • I must use the deck in the order specified.

I look forward to seeing what kind of horrible teams all of you can imagine. :slight_smile:

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Here’s a terrible team!

  • Ghoul
  • Peasant
  • Dwarven Miner
  • Fortress Gate

And here’s another!

  • Quasit
  • Zombie
  • Thrall
  • Fortress Gate

Spider swarm

Gave you a card of every rarity to :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the dryad because it is the most balanced out of all the cards

Edit: abysmal banner

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peasant,serpent,ogre fortress gate.


Proud Banner
Warhound / Dwarven Miner / Thrall / Fortress Gate

Here’s the great synergy in this team: Warhound and Fortress Gate make an otherwise slow loss even slower. Hopefully so slow that Thrall eventually kills himself without ever doing anything. Miner is frustratingly useless, stealing mana from Gate with virtually no upside. And, of course, Proud Banner is totally worthless, extra so b/c it conflicts with Thrall’s desire to have 10 or more Reds. Can’t wait to see your suffering! :smiling_imp:


In the spirit of not making a totally worthless team, but rather one that will be a pain to play:

Holy Banner
Celestasia / Dryad / The Silent One / Cockatrice

Tons of Heal, Silence, Entangle, & +Life, but zero offense, which means a super safe team that will require a brutal grind to win the match. In addition, threel Yellow/Blue troops and one Yellow/Brown means terrible color spread, but you do get the Holy Banner for all the Yellow, and Celestasia will be pretty helpful. Not to be too helpful, however, since Dryad’s mana gen is sure to annoy creating those useless Greens.


Holy Banner (because you’ll have enough going against you)
Fortress Gate

There is no direct damage, no board manipulation, and only three colors. If you can win with it, it’s going to be by slowly making skull matches.


Dire Wolf
Lance Knight

This should be pretty slow and painful.

I expect you to face teams with equal kingdom bonuses to yours.

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I need you guys up voting some or I will just have to choose 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol @Tacet this should be interesting

you going to skip opponants?

Pfft, you people are boring. Peasant, Fortress Gate, Ogre, bleh. No originality.

Try THIS!:

Vampire Lord
Proud Banner (+2 Red)

Useless transformers, mana blockage, Vampire Lord kills half the teams color, and the least popular Legendary. All in one!
Now THIS is a team worth seeing played. But that’s only if others like this post, of course. :heart:


It depends on who it is against. I likely won’t put the team against a 4x max traited and ascended team.

well for the spirit of things probably better to not be a team like that=more suffering/torture lol

Dwarven Miner

I gave you 2 Epics and everything!

Give your likes for this team - I really don’t think anyone could win with it, even Tacet.

Edit: Pick any banner as appropriate - I don’t think it’s fair to specify a useless banner as with any team you would pick the most useful banner.


To be clear here @Tacet, you want useless/unplayable Teams or Teams that can function somewhat?

Because I can come up with a couple Teams you should have no business winning with :wink:

Completely useless teams.

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I love making terrible team combos. Try this one:

Black Beast
Twisted Hero
Giant Spider

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black beast gets luck devours all though is possible win via skulls. need more useless for @Tacet :slight_smile:

That sense of false hope is part off what makes it so insidiously terrible.


hmm true can see that one. glorious torture with a sparkle of hope at end of tunnel!!