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Mechanically GoW is the best it has ever been

It is my opinion that now is the time tell your friends.

Everything mechanical, which is what I detested to the point I publicly called the game down and stopped playing, has been fixed to my personal satisfaction. Nothing hurt me more than publicly telling this game to ____ itself but I could not contain myself any further.

I’m giving away my 5 favorite looping teams to you all in the hopes you will enjoy them as much as I have, and you will take my encouragement to come back. Go see the latest channel vid.

I am finding very hard to walk away from a play style that I have loved to pieces. But I feel like if the game is evolving and everything I viscerally hated is repaired to my satisfaction so I need to push myself to accept what the game is now (transitioning to new localized markets) and I need to push myself to work with the new offerings they’ve given us.

I’m sorry @sirrian for what I did and said and how. I’m sorry @saltypatra and @nimhain and everybody that made what I love so good. I hope you forgive me.

I’m back babby.

And so is ____ING Gems of War.


The style I’ve found that works in a post-Unity era is some control and some random. A “controlled chaos” if you will. I’m still fine playing pure control every once in a while myself, but for me, it just doesn’t feel as rewarding to play as it once did. Being able to capitalize more or suffer less when you hit a good/bad streak are two essential things to work into team building now. There are still situations where one side can run away regardless of what team was being used on the other side, but I will agree that the recent balance adjustments make it just a bit less likely, and that can make a big difference in the long run on the frustration level of players.


I like my friends. I would NEVER recommend this game. In fact if anyone of them ever considered starting this game I would warn them as vociferously as I could not to.


My controlled chaos is called Infernus, I’ve had so much fun with this troop an always finding new teams with him.

I even can run a all mythic with him and do good most of the time.

Doom claw.

Keep up the hard work devs and can’t wait to see what you have for us next!!!


Sorry, but it looks a little slow? Unless you get a good starting board?

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Don’t knock it until u try it. And who said anything about speed. Winning is the goal here.

Ah, no worries.

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For green today I ran triple mythic green. A little slow but 5 and 0. I have been mixing it up lately.

Agreed. Still the most versatile mythic for general use IMO. He’s fifth on my invade list, and not by much, despite the tracking doubling up on troops you use two of in each PvP match and having initiated over a year before his introduction and Infernus himself only being around for a few months.

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I think that is the whole thing is that they wanted us to take a new approach on things.

For its third year why would we want to do what we did all last year?

I think once we get the final product we may actually really like it all.

Straight up you have the right to feel that way. It is exactly how I felt when I told this game to ___ itself. A valid feeling of despair and resentment towards something we love(d?).

Those last was the best video thumb I’ve ever made guyses. No love?


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I’m happy for you @KrudlerTheHorse… but can’t agree really with the thrust of this topic: to me this game isn’t quite what it was before, especially with the changes to RNG and cascades… games are faster, spikier and more given to abrupt swings. There feels less incentive to experiment or try the new troops, and any meta match can swing against you from nothing - knowing that a (albeit small) percentage of my games will go against me in a flurry of cascades and enemy mindless spell spam just doesn’t sit so well…


I very much agree with you. People that don’t live inside the game the way we do must think we’re nuts the way we talk lol

This I think is where I would have agreed with you nearly 100% let’s say 12 weeks ago. But I’m looking at the summary of individual tweaks, under-the-hood adjustments, and enough new troops that proper counter-teams are finally becoming feasible. Plus you can make so many wonderful teams now whereas I felt so pigeon-holed some time ago.

There is a ton of room for additional improvement exactly in the area you’re pointing out. What could the solution be, I don’t know. But for the first time in a long time… easily six months… I have faith again.

I think the game is being tweaked right now. The last GW have been weird. But it’s being tweaked in a interesting way.

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Personally i feel less inclined to test new teams that doesn’t involve the following:

  • Mab as a form to counter enemy loops.
  • Reliable gem’s tranformers/generators too help me loop.
  • Mana drain to control the enemy spells as random cascades can flip the table on my face out of nowhere.

It’s just that we moved into a new direction, as it was mentioned before, but i feel we now lack diversity in the core of how battles are conducted and i’m not sure if things can change into a new direction from this point…


I seriously don’t blame you for feeling that way.

Watch my coming team builds for some really cool stuff. I’m already showing lots of new team build directions and I’m just getting started.

If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to admit it. But I think, and I’m praying, that I’m not.

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I love it.
I hate it.

My gw today. :triumph:


I stopped watching here because that is an inappropriate team to take into that fight and realistically expect to win.

I’m sorry my friend!



I don’t agree, it’s usually reasonably reliable. Maybe you could watch it and see how mana starved I was, even when mercy took purples it just wasn’t my day. I used a different team again vjm and got screwed there too. Maybe I’ve had enough of the game. I don’t know, but our guild is having a rotted week and I’m seriously thinking of passing it on to someone else.

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