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Mechanically GoW is the best it has ever been

There’s no question you can rock n’ roll and kick some serious ass with that team when things go your way yes, but exactly as you are saying the deficiencies quickly show through because you can only take a small % of the available Mana at any given time and you do get Mana screwed from time to time.

Sometimes a simple tweak to a team like that allows you to keep your main design but smooth over the deficiencies. Goblins rely on looping and fast fills, and that team especially uses Stat Boosting and Explode as well, so Freeze, Disease, Silence, Web are powerful counters among others.

Web is a super, super, super under-rated counter especially against Explode and Boost Troops.


Better take a small break from the game, avoid being overwhelmed by responsabilities that are literally self-imposed. Talking with your guild about a “small vacation” for everyone for a week or two in the sense that you all will take it easy on trophies, GW, and such could be a good thing too.

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Two Spiders look like too much to me.
On the other hand, I don’t know what’s gotten into Kraken. Mine devours far more often than usual and I see yours deliver too.
(And we should talk about the starting board. It seems more and more tailored against the attack team.)

The same exact team with a Dark Maiden lead might have been just the push you needed to power through this, especially since they had a Mercy on the enemy team to deny purples and flood yellow.


What is that team? Wulfgarok, ForestGuardian,Ketras,Aurora?

Should I really give all my rare Gems away?

I tell you all colors were covered and I fought phreekz. I swear they took it easy on me, end of the week is nice. Ppl run out of ideas, I went 3/3 on defense too.

Sorry for the off topic.

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I only give my sweetest peaches away once the sun is starting to rise on a new crop.

The only time I’m breaking from this is the next week or two while I drop some crazy new builds.

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And I think that is the best part of the game now, is the new builds. I just throw it all together and see what happens!

Why didn’t you convert green to purple? It denies Fizzbang’s explosions. You drove yourself to predicament.

I agree, but it didn’t hurt to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

3/3 is nice I hope I learn that defence, my green def is underperforming when compared to the rest.

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Couldn’t have said it better!

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Guys I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up anybody’s asses. I know the game has changed, but I think my subtle, perhaps too subtle point is that there is a new mechanical reality that we can work within now, instead of being victims of as we have been for 6+ months.

It would seem I and many other commenters are on opposite stances but that is not true. For the most part I agree with everything that has been said by the very experienced players here. I just think this is Krudler’s “yeah but”

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Yeah, I understand your point. There is more possible diversity. There are also counters to the meta.

But, in practice, PvP still ends up being a monotonous, occasionally infuriating experience and the shift in the way the game plays is not one I welcome. And I don’t think your argument holds up in Guild Wars at all.


That’s been my green team since GW release.

Back onto topic, disagree…I miss adobe even the broken code and unintended effects that were “fixed” with unity actually created a more mechanically sound, balanced, fun, fair experience.

I will concede the pvp point with the caveat that my experience lately has been the polar opposite. No more pvp monotony, but then everybody plays at a different progression level and platform so we have slightly different experiences, all of us.

I wouldn’t even argue against the GW point. I have said, very quietly but perhaps too quietly since day 1 that Guild Wars was something they bolted on before they designed. It is just now becoming tolerable IMO never mind playable. I have hope for it in the coming weeks.

The reason I didn’t shout too loud was that the company needs to make money. The game needs to evolve. The game needs to find new markets. I hated the game for the last 6 months but mine is the opinion of but one man and it is no more or less valuable than the opinion of any other player.

(Though at the time everybody else was more or less saying the same points with different individual flavor. We as a community are unified in many attitudes as much as we have vigorous disagreements.)


I am ok with the game and i do enjoy your videos and Tacet’s, as both of your videos give me new perspectives and uses for troops i would have otherwise ignored. So thank you both for that.

My main gripe is the fact that they have broken the Arena with Dawnbringer. The reason i use Arena is i dont have time to sit there and farm trophies in PVP for hours a day. Arena was pretty much a gauranteed 30 trophies per run for me. Not any more sadly.

Too much emphasis has been on the love/hate over the new UI and not the actual game imo.


I haven’t played PVP for at least half a year. I don’t regret my decision. Especially not after seeing others experiences with the game.

I’m currently taking a long break from the game ( probably until daily tasks from console are coming to steam ), because I’ve got other games to play and I just grew tired of GoW. I just need something else for some time and return to this game once I’ve regained my strength.


I honestly don’t blame you. I needed almost half a year.

It’s just me, or there’s been some fiddling with loop-breaking again?